A Message from Asama bin Laden

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful.

This is a message from the servant of God, Asama bin Laden, to the peoples of the countries that have entered into a coalition with the tyrannical American administration.

Peace be upon those who follow sound advice. The road to your safety begins with the removal of aggression. Justice dictates all people be treated the same. What has happened since the attacks on New York and Washington and up until today, such as the killings of the Germans in Tunisia, the French in Karachi, and the bombing of the French oil tanker in Yemen, and the killing of the Marines in Failaka, and the killings of the British and the Australians in the explosions in Bali and the recent operation in Moscow, as well as some other operations here and there, is but a reaction and a retaliation (“an eye for an eye”), undertaken by the children of the Moslems who are devoted to defending their religion and to the teachings of their Messenger.

The evil actions of President Bush, the Pharoah of this day and age, in terms of killing our children in Iraq, and of Israel, the ally of America, in terms of destroying homes and the people inside them, destroying the homes with elderly, children and women inside, should be ample indication to the wise from amongst your politicians to abandon this gang of criminals. Our fellow Moslems in Palestine have been subjected to killings and the worst forms of torture for more than a century. When, however, we defend our people in Palestine, the world reacts by ganging up against Moslems under the pretence of fighting terrorism, falsely and unfairly.

What are your governments doing by siding against the Moslems with the gang of criminals at the White House? Do your governments not know that the gang at the White House are the biggest butchers in world history? Here is Rumsfeld, the butcher of Vietnam, who killed more than two million people, in addition to the injured. Here is Cheney and Powell, perpetrating in Baghdad, in terms of killing and destruction, more than the Tartars led by Genghis Khan.

In view of this, why are your governments entering into one alliance after another with America, by attacking Moslems in Afghanistan? Here I specifically mention Britain, France, Italy, Canada, Germany and Australia.

We have warned Australia before against taking part in the war in Afghanistan, in addition to her despicable action in separating East Timor from Indonesia. She disregarded the warnings and awoke to the sounds of the explosions in Bali. Then her politicians falsely claimed Australians are not targets of Moslem militants.

If you feel aggrieved and appalled by the sight of your dead and the dead from amongst your allies, men and women alike, in Tunisia, Karachi, Failaka, Bali and Amman, remember our dead children in Palestine and Iraq who perish every day. Remember our dead in Khost and remember our dead who were killed deliberately during the wedding ceremonies and other celebrations in Afghanistan.

If you were appalled by the sight of your dead in Moscow, remember our dead in Chechnya. Why should Moslems continue to suffer the killing, destruction, ethnic cleansing, and the making of widows and orphans, while you have an exclusive monopoly of peace, security and happiness? This is an unfair situation. It is high time Moslems and Christians were equal in terms of killing, destruction, peace and security. So as you kill, so you shall be killed, and as you bomb, so you shall be bombed, just you wait and see.

Here is the Islamic nation, who with the grace of God, has started to throw at you her dearest children, who have promised God to pursue the Holy War, with the pen and the sword, in order to establish truth and banish stupidity, for as long as they have an eye that can see and as long as blood continues to run through their veins.

Finally, I ask the Almighty to grant us His help, in order to defend His religion and in order to pursue the Holy War for His sake until we meet Him while He is pleased with us. He is the possessor and capable of this with certainty, and our last prayer is: Praise be to God, the Lord of the Universe.