Resistance against the Catholic Establishment

“I don’t like it, Holmes.”
“My dear fellow, you shall keep watch in the street.
I’ll do the criminal part.” 

                 - The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

We have seen on our “Political Correctness” Home Page how Australia is governed on the basis of “politically correct” ideas that have no merit and that amount to “ethnic cleansing” of mainstream culture. On our Catholic Church Page we have seen how the Catholic Church is behind the “politically correct” ideas, and how the Catholic one-third of the population have infiltrated key areas of Australian society by pretending to support mainstream views. Australia is undemocratically controlled by a minority group which seeks to eradicate the culture of the mainstream minority. In essence, we are under foreign occupation, and in a situation which calls for resistance activity.

On this page, we consider various types of resistance activity that Australians can engage in to free themselves of Catholic minority rule:

  • Publicising the fact that Australia is under a Catholic minority occupation.
  • Boycotting political candidates who have been to Catholic schools.
  • Discriminating in favour of mainstream people.
  • Setting up “gated communities” from which politically correct influences are excluded.
  • Carrying out a campaign of “state terrorism” against the Catholics if a mainstream government gets into power.
  • Setting up your own “terrorist cell” in the event that the Catholics carry out an illegal coup.
  • Kidnapping Western hostages, which is just as effective as having a personal atom bomb.

As a start to your resistance activity, you, the reader, could distribute door-to-door leaflets of our associated organization, the Mainstream Party. You could print out a leaflet on your computer and get it duplicated at a photocopying shop. Some photocopying shops such as Officeworks will allow you to upload files to their computer. You can then get them to send you as many copies as you need, pay for it by credit card, and the copies will be delivered by courier at a very reasonable cost.

You can download a leaflet from here. The leaflets need to be put in envelopes which you can buy from the supermarket. The envelopes need to be labelled with an address label which you can download from here. Without a suitable address label, people will not bother to open the envelope, but will treat it as junk mail and throw it away.

The cost of making these leaflets is about 25 cents per leaflet. It takes about an hour to put leaflets in 100 letterboxes. When people have notices on their letterboxes, such as “No Junk Mail” or “Australia Post Mail Only”, you should assume that they are talking about pizza advertisements, and that they do not mind getting political advertising.

There is no law against putting a leaflet in someone’s letterbox, but even if there was, we are talking about resistance, so who cares whether it is illegal? Putting leaflets in letterboxes was the main form of resistance against the Nazis. The Soviets were so concerned about leaflets that all photocopiers had to be registered with the K.G.B. secret police.

Another thing you can do is to get a self-inking stamp pad made up saying “”. Companies that will do this are listed in the Yellow Pages under “Rubber &/or Metal Stamps”. Then go around your educational institution stamping this on every blank surface you go past. People will see this and start looking up our Internet site. Places where you can stamp our Home Page address are:

  • Noticeboards
  • Doors
  • Official Notices
  • Library Desks
  • Sign-in Sheets
  • Walls of Lifts

The obvious way to resist the Catholic occupation of Australia is to vote Catholic politicians out of power. This might seem unfair, in that a particular Catholic politician might genuinely be opposed to “political correctness”. If, however, there are any Catholic politicians in Australia who support traditional values, which we doubt, it would be impossible to tell who they were. This is because the Catholic Church has instructed its followers to pretend to support traditional values, while in reality supporting “political correctness”.

In the face of such deceitfulness, there is nothing that we can do but assume that all Catholics (and Jews) support “political correctness”, even though there may be 1% or so who support traditional values. For the purposes of this boycott, a Catholic is someone who went to a Catholic school or whose parents were Catholics. It especially includes people who went to a Catholic school for only one year, and who went to a government school for the rest of the time. How long does it take to be brainwashed? One year is plenty. Also, the Catholics have been infiltrating other churches, so there may be Catholics who go to an Anglican or some other church, but who went to a Catholic school.

Discriminating against Catholics should not be confined to Catholic politicians. Catholic Australians discriminate against Protestant Australians all the time. For example, if you apply for a job with a government department, one of their selection criteria is how “mature” you are. This word “mature” is used by Catholics to mean how Catholic you are. If you are a Protestant, you are probably not very Catholic at all, hence they will give the job to someone who has gone to a Catholic school. Protestant Australians are very disadvantaged by this discrimination. We should retaliate by looking after our own. When you are in a position to employ someone, make a conscious effort not to employ Catholics. In the same way that we “buy Australian”, we should “hire Protestant Australian”, because if you don’t hire a Protestant Australian, the government certainly will not.

It is illegal for an employer to ask a job applicant whether they are Protestant or Catholic. You could probably get away with asking them what schools they have gone to. Then you can easily find out if any of the schools is Catholic. It is also possible to tell whether someone is Protestant or Catholic at a job interview. Catholics usually have a distinctive Irish appearance. There are also a number of tell-tale clues of Catholic origin you can look for:

  • long hair (if male)
  • very short hair (if female)
  • a beard
  • tattoos
  • ear-rings (if male)
  • rings in noses
  • wears shorts that go down to the knees
  • wears thongs
  • wears a Mambo t-shirt
  • talks about bodily functions

You might suppose that a mainstream government would need to be elected before mainstream policies could be put into practice. This is not the case at all. Any local council or property developer can put mainstream policies into effect any time they like. Here is how to do it.

The property developer would need to acquire enough land to build 100 to 500 houses on. The houses could be already built. For example, the local council could compulsorily acquire all the houses in a particular suburb. Most residents whose houses were compulsorily acquired would continue to live in them. Alternatively, a property developer could buy some farm land and subdivide it.

The next thing is to build a wall around the houses, so that you are able to control access into and out of the suburb. The wall would be of reinforced concrete, six metres high. It would go about two metres underground. It would be made out of prefabricated sections. There would be a gate in the wall, and access would be controlled by security guards, as at Sanctuary Cove on the Gold Coast.

The suburb would have a shopping centre, ecumenical church open to all residents, and private school. The priest would be employed by the “body corporate” elected by the residents. Prices would be controlled, so that residents would not need to go outside the suburb to get good deals. For example, there would be a maximum mark-up that shop owners could charge. The suburb would have one of each of the most common shops, such as a supermarket and a post office.

Only mainstream people would be allowed to live in the suburb. Hoons, criminals, and people with “politically correct” views would be banned. Visitors would need to be approved in advance. The suburb would be like an independent country with a mainstream government, where you need to get a visa before you can go there.

Residents would not own properties, but instead there would be a “strata title” arrangement. This is similar to owning a flat. The flat is actually owned by a “body corporate”, and the resident owns the exclusive right to occupy the flat. The strata title legislation that state governments have enacted is not suitable for a mainstream “body corporate”. Instead you would need to use what is called “company title”.

How this works is that the suburb is owned by a company. Each resident owns a share in the company. By owning a share, a resident gets the right to occupy a house. The company’s “constitution” (also called “articles of association”) is specially designed for this. Before strata title laws were passed, blocks of flats were owned by companies in this way. The company’s constitution would re-impose certain restrictions that have been abolished by Labor governments. The agenda of mainstream Australians is basically to re-impose these restrictions:

  • Men would need short haircuts, with no tattooes or ear-rings.
  • Women would need dresses (which could not be tight, low-cut or have split skirts), and could not wear jeans or pants, but could wear baggy tracksuits or one-piece bathing suits.
  • Swearing and unpleasantness would be forbidden.
  • Protesters and pressure groups would be forbidden.
  • Television would be restricted to certain cable channels (such as ESPN, UKTV, and Discovery), with no “political correctness”, pornography or horror, but violence on television would be encouraged, as it was in the 1950s.
  • New residents would need to be approved by two-thirds of existing residents in a referendum.

The company’s constitution would need to include what is called an “arbitration clause”. These means disputes are settled by an arbitrator, rather than by a corrupt judge appointed by the Labor Party. The “arbitration clause” would have to say that disputes must be settled “in equity and good conscience”, which in effect means there is no right of appeal to corrupt judges. The “arbitration clause” would need to restrict the arbitrator to a class of person who is “politically sound”, such as “a barrister or chartered accountant who has only ever attended schools run by the Anglican, Lutheran or Seventh Day Adventist Churches”.

A house in a mainstream suburb would not necessarily be very expensive. The only reason that Sanctuary Cove is expensive is that it is on the Gold Coast. A suburb with a wall around it works out cheaper per resident than a house with a wall around it. A mainstream suburb would be very pleasant to live in. There would be no wierdos or irritating “politically correct” people. Kids could roam around the suburb unsupervised in complete safety. There would be no “bad kids” to stir your kids up against you and encourage them to run away from home and take drugs.

The success of mainstream suburbs would lead to a resurgence in right-wing political parties and the election of a government that supports mainstream views. The Catholics would not take the election of a mainstream government lying down, however. For all their talk about democracy, they do not believe in the democratic right of mainstream Australians to run the country. In other countries that have elected governments with non-Catholic policies, they have staged coups, for example in Pakistan. Since the Catholics control the military and the police, they may try to carry out a military coup in Australia, and install “Catholic of the Year” General Peter Cosgrove as a military dictator.

To prevent a military coup, a mainstream government should set up a national militia. Mainstream people would be appointed as “special constables” of the federal police and given permits to own automatic rifles. This militia would be secretly organised so that the Catholic-controlled military and police would know nothing about its plans. Prior to the election, the militia would occupy government buildings and other strategic locations to guard against a coup. After a mainstream government was elected, the Catholic-controlled trade union movement would organise a general strike, to prevent the government implementing the policies that are supported by the majority of Australians, and that were in force just a few years ago. A mainstream government should respond by a campaign of “state terrorism” against the trade union movement.

This would involve the militia arresting people with serious criminal convictions, political activists in “politically correct” pressure groups, Labor Party politicians, trade union leaders, and prominent Catholics. The government would then execute all the people with serious convictions, except for people like Alan Bond who have been imprisoned for opposing the Catholic Church (in Alan Bond’s case, for setting up a mainstream university). Then, if the strikers still did not call off the strike, the government would start to execute the other prisoners in its custody until they did.

It might seem to be wrong to execute people who are opposed to the government of the day. But this sort of thing happened all the time in the days of the British Empire, which Australia was part of up until the 1960s. For example, when Ian Fleming started writing his “James Bond” books, there was no public outcry. People thought it natural that the government should employ “secret agents” who would go around assassinating enemies of the country.

“State Terrorism” is the idea that a government should kill people who may not necessarily have committed a crime. For example, when the Americans bombed Belgrade in 1999, many innocent people got killed. Of the civilians who got killed, most probably supported the Americans. The Americans said that they were not to blame for these deaths, but instead the Yugoslav Government was to blame, as it could have avoided the deaths by withdrawing its police from its province of Kosovo Mitohiyan.

Similarly, if a mainstream government ends a general strike by getting its militia to execute Labor Party politicians by firing squad, the deaths of these politicians will not be the fault of the government, but rather the fault of the trade union leaders for calling an illegal strike. It is not illegal to execute Labor Party politicians, as the Commonwealth Parliament can pass a law making it legal, and as the Mabo Judges would be the first Labor Party politicians to be executed, and their replacements will consider it legal.

All this sort of thing was very common in the days of the British Empire. Winston Churchill didn’t think anything of having chaps imprisoned or bumped off. Of course, when Winston Churchill had someone eliminated, this wasn’t fascism, since Churchill had been democratically elected and was fighting the fascists. Similarly, if a mainstream government carries out the Liberal Party “core value” that “trade union leaders should be lined up against a wall and shot”, this is giving effect to the will of the Australian people.

When we get a mainstream government in Australia, the Catholics in other countries will try to impose economic sanctions on Australia, just like they tried to do against South Africa. In the case of South Africa the sanctions were completely unsuccessful, and the South African Government was overthrown because its politicians wrongly believed that they were fighting the tide of history, and gave up of their own accord. Australia has a similar economy to South Africa so can survive economic sanctions. We can pass on the cost of the sanctions to the Catholic minority. Mainstream people can pay 20% income tax, while Catholics pay 60%. If they don’t like that, they can get the Pope to lift the sanctions.

A greater threat will be terrorism. The Catholics will set up some sort of terrorist organisation like the I.R.A. to overthrow the Australian Government. Having said that, the number of people who have been killed by the I.R.A. is minute. More people used to get killed in Northern Ireland from car accidents than from terrorism. Considering the numbers of people who died in various world wars, the I.R.A. has had an insignificant effect.

The British Government didn’t do all the things it should have done to prevent I.R.A. terrorism. For a start, it shouldn’t have allowed the Catholic schools to incite children to be disloyal to the Government and to oppose mainstream culture. The Australian Government should take over the running of Catholic schools, which would not charge any fees. Teachers would be recruited from South American and European countries where many people are Catholics but are opposed to “political correctness”.

Catholic schools should teach that the Catholic Church has some good ideas but is basically an “evil empire”, as Russia used to be called when the communists ran it. They should teach that Catholicism in practice is different to Catholicism in theory. Catholicism in theory talks of peace and goodwill, while Catholicism in practice involves encouraging drug addiction, homosexuality, pedophilia, and ethnic cleansing. More people have died as a result of “political correctness” than as a result of Nazism.

Catholic schools should teach that people don’t migrate from Protestant countries to Catholic countries unless they are on the run from the law; they migrate from Catholic countries to Protestant countries. They obviously migrate here because of the higher standard of living. Why do we have a higher standard of living? Because, as Protestants, we place great value on having lots of money. As do the Catholics who migrate here, and who are in effect “voting with their feet” and saying they support the Protestant emphasis on wealth.

A good model for a militia to fight the Catholics if they try to overthrow the democratically elected government is the Klu Klux Klan. The popular view of the Klu Klux Klan is of mindless rednecks holding prejudices that are passed on from generation to generation. As we have seen, the so-called prejudices against Catholics and Jews are well-founded. The Klu Klux Klan was started in Tennessee in 1866 by six ex-servicemen. It was envisaged as a kind of Returned Servicemen’s League for Southerners who had fought in the American Civil War.

The founders of the Klan were university graduates and modelled their club on the fraternities found at American universities. The name was based on a well-known fraternity at the University of North Carolina called the Kuklos Adelphon. In those days, rednecks spoke Latin and Greek, so it was only natural to give the new fraternity a name along the lines of Phi Beta Kappa. That name was already taken so they called it the Klu Klux Klan instead.

The Klan had a similar sort of organisation to other community service clubs. There were local chapters in each suburb and town. The members in each suburb elected a “Grand Cyclops” or president, as well as a “Grand Magi” or vice-president, a “Grand Scribe” or secretary, a “Grand Exchequer” or treasurer, and two “Lictors” or guards of the meeting hall entrance.

All the “Grand Cyclops” in a city or district elected a “Grand Giant” of the city or district. All the “Grand Giants” of a State (such as Tennessee) elected a “Grand Dragon” or state president of the State. All the “Grand Dragons” of the States elected a “Grand Wizard” or national president. There was a “Council of Yahoos” to try members suspected of disloyalty.

Members of the Klan wore white robes and conical shaped white masks covering their faces. This was modelled on the Janissaries of the Turkish Army who were renowned for their brutality. The uniform was chosen in part because African-Americans were very superstitious and believed in voodoo. Members of the Klu Klux Klan appeared to African-Americans to be ghosts as described in voodoo legends. Members of the Klan would parade outside the homes of African-Americans and pretend to be the ghosts of dead Confederate soldiers. When the Klan sent warning to African-Americans to leave town, the warnings were couched in the same language as voodoo threats that African-Americans used to send to each other.

The Klan would abduct whites and blacks alike who supported racial equality, and flog them using the branches of trees. Any die-hard supporter of racial equality was killed. In this way, a climate was created in the Southern United States where it was not acceptable to express Catholic ideas. This was made easier because Catholics were only about 5% of the population in the South.

Something like the Klu Klux Klan is needed in Australia. There is a need for a climate where it is not acceptable to express “politically correct” views, especially the view that people with mainstream values are not entitled to their opinions and should be persecuted. Since “politically correct“ people will not respect the right of mainstream people to their own opinions, clearly those who support “political correctness” will eradicate those who support mainstream values unless the former are eradicated first.

We cannot agree to disagree with “politically correct” people. They are worse than communists. They demand nothing less than we give up our opinions and culture and take on their opinions and culture. Unless we do as they say, they intend to take away our rights, our property, our children, everything. Sooner or later society will need to get rid of all “politically correct“ fanatics. If they set up an illegal government, we have every right to set up a terrorist organisation like the Klu Klux Klan to exterminate them before they exterminate us.

Eventually, as a result of the Australian Government compelling Catholic schools to teach mainstream values, Catholics will have the same opinions as mainstream people, and the distinction between Catholic people and mainstream people will disappear. For the next fifty years, however, the distinction will be of crucial importance, because Catholics have the opposite views to mainstream Australians and are “The Enemy Within”.

We have said that the Catholics will not tolerate a mainstream government, and will try to illegally overthrow the Australian Government by force to remain in control. It is possible that this may someday happen, so we should prepare for this eventuality. In such a situation, it would be reasonable and lawful for the mainstream population to start a guerilla war against the illegal government. Such a guerilla war would involve the following types of terrorist activity:

  • Assassinations
  • Armed Robberies
  • Bombings
  • Kidnappings

The following is a list of people who, in the event of an undemocratic government being illegally set up in Australia, should be assassinated:

  • Catholic judges and magistrates
  • Labor Party politicians, Green Party politicians and Catholic politicians, including local councillors and elected officials of political parties
  • Catholic police and military personnel
  • Catholics with supervisory positions in government agencies and public utilities
  • Criminals who have been (or who ought to have been) sentenced to five years’ imprisonment or more, unless it is for actions which the mainstream population do not regard as criminal
  • Illegal drug dealers
  • Catholic lawyers
  • Catholic journalists
  • Catholic teachers
  • Catholic priests
  • Members of the Jewish community in these categories

If such people resign from these positions, this will be taken to mean that they personally intend no harm to the mainstream population, so they should not be targetted. Catholic church buildings and Jewish synogogues should not be attacked or vandalised.

Take a lot of care in deciding who to assassinate. You should take as much care as you would if you were a judge hearing a murder trial. Although there can be no formal judicial proceedings to select these people, the assassination process is a quasi-judicial process, and there must be no mistakes. If there is any doubt about a person being in the above categories, then kill your local Labor candidate instead. Otherwise, it ceases to be a military operation, and it is you who are the criminal. We must emphasise that the foregoing only applies in the event of an undemocratic government being illegally set up.

In a guerilla war, or any war for that matter, a certain proportion of combatants are bound to be captured. This is the nature of war. It is similar to the situation where a certain proportion of people get killed in car accidents or die of incurable diseases. In the Vietnam War, a certain proportion of soldiers were captured by the Viet Cong. Do not allow this to dent your enthusiasm. Otherwise you are giving in to the Catholic anti-war propaganda. Having said that, do not become a terrorist unless you are very deft and capable.

The following is a list of targets for bombings. We emphasise again that this is only in the event of an undemocratic government being illegally set up:

  • The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade (including the spectators) - a homemade nuclear device would be desirable, but is not essential as conventional homemade explosives will do the trick.
  • Trades and Labor Council buildings.
  • Federal Law Courts.
  • Homosexual nightclubs, and nightclubs where illegal drugs are sold.
  • Sex shops.
  • Drug injecting rooms and needle exchange rooms.
  • Offices of homosexual, anti-genetic engineering, anti-genetically modified food or animal liberation pressure groups.
  • Lecture theatres where a lecture in Gay and Lesbian Studies, Sociology or Women’s Studies is in progress.
  • Labor Party and Green Party electorate offices, and those of Catholic politicians.
  • Labor Party conferences and branch meetings.
  • Maritime Union picket lines.
  • People taking part in protests against duck shooting.
  • Television and radio transmission towers in cities.

Kidnapping hostages in a guerilla war is the most dangerous but also the most effective technique. From time to time Australians are kidnapped overseas and demands are made of the Australian Government. The Australian Government responds that it never gives in to terrorists. While this might be the case when one Australian is kidnapped, if 30 or 300 Australians were kidnapped, the Australian Government would give in to terrorism.

Not only would the Australian Government give in to terrorism, but the United States Government would and has given in to terrorism. The classic example is during the Iranian revolution in 1979 when Islamic militants captured the staff of the American embassy in Teheran. By holding about 300 Americans hostage, the militants were able to blackmail the United States Government into not invading Iran and into giving the militants billions of dollars held in frozen bank accounts.

The American President who gave into the terrorists’ demands was Jimmy Carter, a former naval officer on nuclear submarines. Carter was portrayed by the Republican Party as a wimp for giving into terrorism, but George W. Bush would have done the same. The only difference between Carter and Bush in their handling of the hostage crisis is that Bush would have put a different spin on it. Bush would have pretended that he thinks the Iranians are good guys, just like he pretends he thinks the Russians are good guys.

Bush didn’t criticise the Russians because they have nuclear weapons. If Iran had nuclear weapons, he wouldn’t criticise Iran either. When Iran had 300 American hostages, the Americans didn’t treat the Iranians the way they usually treat their enemies, but instead gave in to the Iranian demands. This shows that kidnapping is just as effective as having nuclear weapons. A kidnapping operation with 300 Western hostages is obviously much easier to arrange than procuring nuclear weapons.

From a military standpoint, it is important in a kidnapping operation that one’s opponents not know where the hostages are, otherwise they will launch a commando operation to free the hostages. Hence in seizing 300 hostages it would be best to seize them a few at a time, so that it is some days before anyone notices they are missing. Also it is not a good idea to release or exchange hostages on humanitarian grounds. If there is a danger of some of the hostages dying, that is all the more reason why an illegal Australian Government should give in to the demands quickly. If the hostages die of natural causes, this saves the militants from having to execute some of them at a rate of one hostage per day to convince the government of the militants’ seriousness.

In a kidnapping operation it is important to make the right demands. The demands must be such that the government can’t go back on them. Suppose you demand a change to a law. There’s nothing to stop them changing it back once you’ve freed the hostages. Quite a good idea would be to demand that the government hold a referendum to change the Australian Constitution, and not let the hostages go until the voting has taken place. That way they can’t change the Australian Constitution back. A good change to the Australian Constitution would be to provide a right to have citizen initiated referenda.

A kidnapping operation is a fairly brutal and barbaric operation, invariably resulting in loss of life. Such operations have been undertaken with the support of the Catholic Church by the French Resistance, the Irish Republican Army, the Zimbabwe African National Union, and more recently, the Revolutionary Front for Independent East Timor. The Catholic Church is only against brutality when it is directed against them. As has been mentioned, terrorism is one of the traditional methods of the British Empire. So much for the rights and wrongs of terrorism.

Please realise that you can’t come to us and say that you want to join the Resistance. We are the “political wing”, and adhere strictly to what the Catholics say are the applicable laws. If you tell us that you are a terrorist, we will have to report you to the police. So in the event of an illegal government being set up in Australia, you will have to set up a branch of the Klu Klux Klan on your own initiative and without help from us.

In doing so, be aware that all communications in Australia are monitored by American Intelligence. Every telephone conversation in Australia is scanned by computers, which use “artificial intelligence” to detect things of interest to the Americans. For all practical purposes it is as though all your telephone conversations are being monitored by the police.

The Internet is monitored as well. The Americans have the ability to decode messages sent using “public key encoding”. They have given people to understand that it is theoretically impossible to decipher messages sent this way. This however is a ruse to encourage people to use this form of encoding. In fact they and the Israelis have the mathematics to decipher such messages, and will pass the contents on to the Australian Government. The only encoding method that works is a cipher that is used no more than once, and even then they could hack into your computer and read the message before you have encoded it. Ideally you should have one computer for doing the encoding and one computer for internet access.

If you log onto Internet sites about making homemade weapons, explosives and atomic bombs, they will trace your computer and put you under surveillance. So go to an Internet cafe or some such place when looking for such material. We will try to put some “useful links” on our site about making such devices.

Be very careful about who you get to join your branch of the Klu Klux Klan, if anyone besides yourself. The reason so many Protestant militants were in prison in Northern Ireland was that they talked too freely to other Protestants. In Northern Ireland, some 50 percent of the male population are police informants, and have double-zero code numbers like James Bond. Remember many mainstream people imagine that terrorists are criminals and that it is their patriotic duty to report you to the police. The same thing happened in France during the Second World War, when many good people thought the Germans would be running the country forever, and reported partisans to the Gestapo.

Australians who engage in partisan operations against an illegal and undemocratic regime that may be set up in Australia will eventually be eligible for Australian military decorations. You have seen on television the members of the French Resistance being decorated by the French President. Similarly Australians will be eligible for the Victoria Cross and other decorations. Also we imagine that future Australian Governments would pay a bounty, say a billion dollars to take out the Mardi Gras, and one hundred million dollars for every Mabo Judge.

If an illegal government is set up in Australia, we will not be saying that it is illegal, as then we would be encouraging terrorism, which we are not going to do. So we will leave it to your judgment as to whether there is an illegal government. Some people would say there has been an illegal government in Australia ever since the High Court handed down the illegal Mabo decision.

Naturally we hope there will be no terrorism in Australia. Whether there is or not is really up to mainstream politicians in the Liberal and National parties. Unless they stop supporting the Catholics and start supporting the people who elected them, there will probably be terrorism. So Mr. Newman, it’s in your hands, subsidies for farmers, more tariffs to protect Australian jobs, nuclear energy, the death penalty, a 1950s dress code, and the abolition of anti-discrimination laws, or terrorism. Take your pick.