Reforming the Political Parties

Up until the 1960s, there were two political parties in any part of Australia. There was the Labor Party, which supported “political correctness”, and the Liberal or National Party, which supported traditional values. One-third of the population voted Labor, and two-thirds voted Liberal or National. As a result, the will of the majority prevailed, and Labor was hardly ever in power.

To get around this, the Vatican got its school system to start teaching kids that they should pretend to support traditional values, and should join the Liberal and National Parties and the protestant churches. Accordingly, people such as Tony Abbott, who had previously belonged to Young Labor, at a time when only lunatic fringe types belonged to Young Labor, infiltrated the Liberal Party, even though he didn’t support its policies.

Eventually, the majority of members of the Liberal Party and National Party were Labor infiltrators. The Labor infiltrators were able to drop their act of supporting traditional values, and openly support “political correctness”, with most Labor infiltrators openly calling for a republic. The Labor infiltrators were able to get Liberal and National Party policy changed so that lunatic fringe laws enacted by Labor governments were not repealed by Liberal governments.

Currently, if a Labor government gets elected, Australia is run by the Vatican, and if a Liberal government is elected, Australia is also run by the Vatican. The difference has been that protestant politicians such as John Howard and Jeff Kennett have tried to prevent their governments from implementing “politically correct” changes. Kennett is the last of the protestant state Liberal leaders, and now it is forbidden for a protestant to be a state Leader of the Opposition. After Howard retires in late 2007 or early 2008, Costello will be federal Leader of the Opposition, and it will be forbidden for a protestant to ever become federal leader of the Liberal Party.

People have long been aware that the Liberal and National Parties have had similar policies to the Labor Party. This has led to the formation of new conservative parties. The most significant have been the One Nation Party and the Family First Party. The Christian Democratic Party in New South Wales is not really a political party, but is more a fan club for the Rev. Fred Nile.

The idea of starting a new conservative party is sound in principle. But the founders of the One Nation Party and the Family First Party have made serious mistakes. Their first mistake was for their parties to adopt a trade union constitution. In other words, you could take the constitution of the One Nation Party, cross out "One Nation Party” where it appears in the constitution, and put “Builders Laborers Federation”, and you would have the ideal constitution for a militant trade union.

The second mistake of the One Nation Party and the Family First Party was to allow Catholics and people educated at Catholic schools to join. This has led to both parties being infiltrated and taken over by Catholics, and changing their policies to support "political correctness”. That is why the founder of One Nation, Pauline Hanson, is no longer a member of One Nation.

The third mistake, not so much of the Family First Party, but of the One Nation Party, was not having high quality candidates. For example, the One Nation Party had a candidate who, before being elected to the Queensland Parliament, was employed on a “Work for the Dole” scheme. For a conservative party to have credibility, it must only stand candidates who meet the following criteria: are millionaires or married to a millionaire, are happily married, and have three or more children.

The fourth mistake of the One Nation Party and Family First Party was not having a leader who is a former Liberal or National politician of national significance. For example, if the One Nation Party had Noel Crichton-Browne or Jeff Kennett as leader, it would have done much better in elections. The reason people support the Liberal Party in federal elections is not because it is the Liberal Party, but because it has people like John Howard and Bronwyn Bishop as members. If John Howard and Bronwyn Bishop were to move to another party (as Winston Churchill moved from the Liberal Party to the Conservative Party), public support would move to the other party.

At present, the mainstream majority of the population, who support traditional values, have no electoral representation in Australia. Only the “politically correct” Catholic minority has electoral representation. In South Africa, they used to have white minority rule, and in Australia we have Irish Catholic minority rule.

For the mainstream majority to have representation, a new conservative party will need to be set up. This new conservative party will need to have a number of features to prevent it going the way of its predecessors.

First, it will need to exclude membership by people from a Catholic, Jewish, or other "politically correct” background. It can have Asians and Aborigines as members, providing they are not Catholic. It can have Africans as members, providing they are Coptic or Moslem. Prospective members should have to provide identity cards with photographs such as a driving licence. Prospective members should be asked to list the names of the schools they have attended. Prospective members should be invited to a meeting or visited on some pretext to check whether they have an Irish appearance, which would mean they are Catholic and lying about their schools.

Second, a conservative party would need to have rules providing for different grades of membership. There should be four grades of membership. The first grade of membership would be open to anyone from a mainstream background. The second grade would be open to mainstream people who are eligible to be considered as candidates for election, due to being millionaires, married, and with three or more children. The third grade would be open only to men who are of British or German but not Irish ethnicity, who have net worth over $20 million, and are from a family that has been in Australia since before 1955. The fourth grade would be open to a handful of people whose opposition to “political correctness” is beyond question.

The rules would provide that only members in the third or fourth grade are entitled to vote at annual general meetings, and that members in the first and second grade are either not allowed to vote at annual general meetings, or that their vote carries a negligible weight.

Third, a new conservative party will need to have at least two of the following people as members: Bronwyn Bishop, Flo Bjelke-Petersen, Noel Crichton-Browne, Alexander Downer, Nick Greiner, Pauline Hanson, John Howard, Jeff Kennett, Fred Nile and Phillip Ruddock. They would become members of the highest grade.

Fourth, a new conservative party will need policies that do not apparently go against "political correctness”. While of course such a party would seek to prevent minority groups from migrating to Australia, it would not serve any useful purpose to say so. Rather, the party should put forward policies that seem to be of inarguable appeal. The following policies are suggested:

  • The import of electrical goods from China that break down within months will be banned. Imports will only be allowed for items that cannot be made or grown in Australia and that are of high quality.
  • Australian farmers will be given the same assistance as farmers in America and the European Union. Farmers who have suffered or gone out of business due to economic rationalism will be given full compensation.
  • People who work more than 40 hours a week will be paid at “time and a half”, and people who work outside the hours of 7 am to 5 pm or on Sundays and public holidays will be paid at “double time”.
  • Indonesian guest workers will be allowed to stay in Australia for up to two years to work as housekeepers and nannies, for $1 an hour plus board and lodging. Employing an Indonesian housekeeper is equivalent to sponsoring five Indonesian children.
  • Householders with troublesome neighbours will be able to organise a citizen initiated referendum to force the “neighbour from hell” to sell up and move out. Most suburbs will be turned into gated communities to keep out criminals.
  • The censorship and dress codes that applied in America, the land of the free, after the victory over the Nazis, and up until America’s defeat in Vietnam, will be applied in Australia.
  • The only tax on cigarettes and alcoholic drinks will be the goods and services tax, so they will be much cheaper. People will have the right to smoke and drink in all public places.
  • Reverse discrimination will be introduced in the public service and the military so that the proportion of employees who have attended Catholic schools is the same as in the general population. This will end the problem where public servants seem as though they have come from another planet.
  • To correct the perceived lack of public confidence in the judiciary, about half of all judges and magistrates will be sacked. Sexual deviates and people with lunatic fringe views will not be appointed as judges.
  • In all court cases, the decision on who wins or loses will be made by a randomly selected jury. People ordered by a court to pay compensation will have to pay an extra 25 percent as a punishment, which will go to the other party’s lawyers.
  • The police will be able to question suspects using sodium pentothal and other drugs used at Guantanamo Bay. This will completely stamp out drug trafficking and serial killing. Police will have to attend a crime scene while the crime is in progress and not two hours later.
  • The exchange rate for Australian currency will be linked to the average price of gold for the previous month. This will encourage people to save, knowing their money will still be worth something years later.

Due to censorship, it is illegal in Australia to say that judges are corrupt, or that a large proportion of them have lunatic fringe views or are sexual deviates. However it is legal to say that if elected you will sack half of the judges, as long as you don’t give a reason for sacking them. Similarly it is legal to say you would not appoint judges who have lunatic fringe views or who are sexual deviates.

Following years of propaganda by the media and government schools, Australians have to some extent absorbed “politically correct” concepts. As a result, policies have to be justified in terms of “political correctness”. For example, you can’t say that we should allow in Indonesian guest workers because then Australians wouldn’t have to do any housework. Rather, you have to say that allowing Indonesian guest workers will be very helpful to poor villages in Indonesia.

Fifth, a conservative party will need a training course for prospective candidates for election to parliament or local councils. The training course should be a full-time course of one month, as it would be difficult to teach everything a candidate needs to know in less than a month. The course would cover such topics as door to door canvassing, world history, and running a government agency.

Sixth, members of the higher grades who have passed the training course should be able to buy a franchise entitling them to stand as a candidate in a particular electorate. The more conservative the electorate, the higher the price of the franchise. Candidates who stand in safe Labor seats for the experience will be able to get a substantial discount off the price of a franchise in a future election.

The sale of franchises will be a main source of income for the party. It makes sense that a conservative party should be organised as a franchise business like Subway and not as a trade union.

Seventh, the new conservative party should have the Australian Union of Students as its youth wing, like the Young Liberals or Young Nationals. Being a conservative political party will not detract from our mission as a student association, since the majority of Australian students support traditional values. Our union would be registered as a political party in its own right, and would stand candidates for the Senate. Our ticket for the Senate would be the same as the conservative party ticket. Unlike a conservative party, we do not discriminate in who we have as members, but are open to all students irrespective of background.