How to Have a Successful Life

Australia can be a very difficult country in which to grow up. We have one of the highest youth suicide rates in the world. It is very easy to make the wrong decision and ruin your life, especially with the education system teaching you to do the wrong thing. The education system panders to powerful minority groups and teaches you to do things that are in their interests and not in yours.

Your school has probably given you the impression that you have a good grasp of what is going on around you and can cope with any situation. Most students who go to a bad school have a perception they have a good grasp of reality and are going to a good school. It is only after their life becomes unstuck that they realise they went to a bad school.

Some of the worst schools in the country are private schools. Anglican, Catholic, Uniting Church and so-called non-denominational schools are generally bad while other private schools are good. Government schools are as good as Anglican schools but are a lot cheaper.

With a view to countering the wrong information put out by schools, our student union has come up with a guide on how to have a successful life. Far from being like a box of chocolates, life is like a game of “snakes and ladders”. The idea is to achieve certain goals while at the same time avoiding pitfalls. Life is not about pursuing happiness but about the perpetuation of a way of life. If you want to be happy, take cocaine, but if you want to get a life, pay attention to the following tips. Think of this as a travel warning for teenagers visiting Australia.


Get a Vehicle
Get a Girlfriend or Boyfriend
Get a Credential
Buy a Home
Have Children
Start a Business
Accumulate a Financial Nest Egg
Continue Mainstream Customs
Acquire Military Skills
Stay in Good Health


Lack of Motivation
Gut Feelings
Financial Embarrassment
Performance Reducing Drugs
Scruffy Appearance
Bad Language
Mental Illness
Unsuitable Employer
Legal Proceedings


Get a Vehicle

As soon as you are old enough to drive, get a vehicle. If you are at school, what you could do is ask your parents to give you a cheap (under $1000) car for your birthday. They may end up buying you a much more expensive car. Otherwise you can save up and buy a cheap car. Start saving before you are old enough to drive.

Maybe you live in an area where there is good public transport. You still need your own vehicle, even if costs more to get around in a vehicle than by public transport. The convenience, flexibility and independence outweigh the additional cost. In addition, if you get a motor bike, that is an incredibly cheap way to get around.

Some employers discriminate against job applicants who don’t own vehicles, even though the job doesn’t require a vehicle. These employers have found from experience that people who rely on public transport don’t (for whatever reason) make good employees. Like most prejudices, this view appears unreasonable but is proven by experience.

If everyone went around by car, that would cause a great amount of pollution, greenhouse gases and congestion. In a sense it would be beneficial to society as a whole if more people travelled by public transport. The advice on this page, however, is not meant to benefit society as a whole, but to benefit yourself personally. Also consider that society consists of the sum of the individuals in it, and what benefits yourself personally is also beneficial to society as a whole.

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Get a Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Before the “sexual revolution” of the 1960s, it was possible to be a bachelor or a spinster. Now, with the abolition of censorship, we are subject to a constant bombardment of sexually explicit material. Even if we don’t watch television, we see women walking down the street practically naked. Under these circumstances, virtually everyone needs to get a girlfriend or boyfriend of the opposite sex while at school, and needs to get married while in their teens.

People are reluctant to get involved with someone because it adds uncertainty to their live. They see how other people have got their fingers burned. There are, however, certain principles in selecting a girlfriend / boyfriend that will lead to a problem free relationship. Problems arise where people are unaware of or ignore these principles.

You shouldn’t be going out with a girlfriend or boyfriend of the opposite sex unless they would be a suitable person to marry. This is because you are likely to become emotionally attached to this person, and end up marrying them. Then if they are incompatible, you will have the unpleasantness of a divorce and their getting custody of your children and wealth. Make sure they appear compatible before going out with them.

The best place to meet a girlfriend / boyfriend is at university or technical college (TAFE), straight after you have left school. At no other time and place will there be such a wide variety of compatible and available members of the opposite sex. It is entirely possible, though, that you will meet someone suitable at school. That is fine. There is no right or wrong place to meet someone of the opposite sex, and school is as good as anywhere. If you don’t have a girlfriend / boyfriend by the time you get to university or technical college, you should aim to find one there, because it is safe to say that is the best opportunity you will ever have.

It is essential that your girlfriend / boyfriend and her / his parents are the sort of people who your parents would have as friends. This is not in order to remain in your parents’ good books, but is so that the relationship will not fall apart in later years. If your parents disapprove of your girlfriend / boyfriend, this is a very reliable early warning that you will disapprove of her/him yourself in a few years’ time.

If your girlfriend / boyfriend has parents who are friends of your parents, this is a sign that he or she will be very compatible with you, and that you will get on very well indefinitely. Yet many people refuse to even consider the children of their parents’ friends as prospective partners. They treat them as though they are relatives, even if they look like Miss September. This is very shortsighted.

There are, however, millions of people, any one of whom would make an excellent wife / husband for you. In practice you will only get the chance to meet a tiny proportion of these people, but you are certain to find such a person either at your school or at university or technical college.

Many people have a misconception that there is one, and only one, person in the world who is the right person for them to marry. As a result, they are continually running into people who would make an excellent wife or husband, but rejecting these people. When you have met someone suitable, and become acquainted with them, then they will be the special person in your life, and nobody else will do. If however you did not meet this person, and had started a relationship with someone else, this other person would have been just as good.

Another misconception is to imagine that, just because you are sympathetic to someone, this means they are suitable to marry. Quite often people become sympathetic to someone who their parents disapprove of. They think that this person is the one to marry, and that their parents are being unreasonable.

In fact most people find it possible to sympathise with a wide variety of people. You might sympathise with a particular person of the opposite sex who you are very well acquainted with. But you would also sympathise with a million other people if you happened to become acquainted with them. It is possible to sympathise with a person who is basically incompatible with you. That is why so many marriages end in divorce. Just because you sympathise with someone doesn’t mean you should have them as your girlfriend / boyfriend.

Let us suppose that there is a teenage girl who needs a boyfriend. And suppose there are two men who she sympathises with. One is a drug addict and has about two years to live. The other one is a medical student who her parents strongly approve of. Both of these men are nice guys. Who should she choose? Her life will obviously be a lot happier if she chooses the man with the best prospects.

This example shows that the choice of girlfriend / boyfriend has very little to do with sentiment. Sure, you have to like the person, but there are lots of people who you would like, some with better prospects than others, so why not choose the one with the best prospects?

Having said that, the aim of the exercise is not to choose a girlfriend / boyfriend who has the best possible prospects. The person who you choose must have the best prospects of those people who are compatible with you. Your girlfriend / boyfriend will expect you to behave in a certain way, and the way that they want you to behave had better be the way you intend to behave. Otherwise you will not be compatible.

To be compatible, a girlfriend / boyfriend needs to be of the right age, religion and race, as discussed below. This person and their parents need to be the sort of people who your parents would have as friends, and you and your parents need to be the sort of people who this person’s parents would have as friends. This person needs to be good looking, have a good personality, and have good prospects, all of which you would be capable of judging yourself.

A girlfriend should be about the same age as the boyfriend, or younger, but probably not more than five years younger. It is not in your interest to have the age difference more than five years, as it will make the relationship unstable. There is no law that says the age difference can’t be more than five years, but a large age difference looks bad, and so the other person feels under pressure to break up the relationship. On the other hand, many teenagers consider girls in the grade below them to be too young, which is unreasonable since they are only a year younger.

If your parents are happily married, you shouldn’t have a girlfriend / boyfriend whose parents are divorced. A person whose parents are divorced is highly likely to end up divorced themselves, even if they don’t want to end up divorced. This is the mistake that Prince Charles made in marrying Diana, whose parents were divorced. This is not to say that Diana was at fault, but that they were never compatible to begin with since her parents were divorced.

Your girlfriend or boyfriend should be the same race as yourself. Interestingly many anti-racism activists have spouses of the same race. They claim it is a co-incidence. If you don’t want any problems with your relationship, you had better ensure that you arrange a similar co-incidence. The other person should at least look the same race as yourself. With a partner from a different race, it is a similar situation to where one partner is twenty years older than the other. It looks unnatural.

A possible girlfriend or boyfriend might be unsuitable because of their religion. This is not because one might believe in God and the other might be an atheist, which is not a problem. It is because of the schools they or their parents went to. If a person or their parents went to a Catholic school, then you should go out with them only if you are a Catholic. Catholic schools teach a different outlook on life. A mixed couple, where one is a Catholic and the other is not, might initially get on well with each other, based on physical attraction, but the relationship is highly likely to come unstuck with conflicting outlooks on life.

You can, of course, like the Prince of Wales, disregard this advice and see how you go. This page is really intended for people who like to learn from others’ mistakes. The point is that there are a vast number of people of the opposite sex around. If you follow the guidelines here, you still have a very large choice. There are significant numbers of people, however, who don’t want to learn from other peoples’ mistakes. They are called losers. They break all the rules, and then wonder why they have such bad luck.

If you have broken some of the above rules, and find it impossible to meet someone suitable from the opposite sex, then you may need to consider desperate measures, that is, a so-called “mail order bride”. The most famous case of this was former prime minister Paul Keating, with his Dutch mail order bride. Actually this was a good choice, as his children look like normal Australians.

If you resort to this measure, spend an extra thousand dollars and make sure your children look normal and have a good start in life. Don’t go to South East Asia to look for a girlfriend / boyfriend. You will save a thousand dollars but your kids won’t look like Australians. If you are a Catholic, go to somewhere like Brazil, or if you are mainstream, go to somewhere like Russia. The proportion of Russian women whose appearance is not to Australian taste is about the same as the proportion of Australian women. Stay there for some months with this person so that they become attached to you, and will not leave you after they become a “permanent resident” of Australia.

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Get a Credential

When you finish school, the next thing to do is get a credential, as this can be done most easily straight after leaving school. Your credential is a piece of paper saying that you are qualified to do a particular job. A credential is quite a different thing from a vocation. A vocation is the kind of work you would ideally like to do, such as marine biologist, archaeologist, tycoon or artist. A credential is the sort of work you would do temporarily if you were unable to get a job in your chosen vocation, such as accountant, nurse or teacher.

For a credential to be any use, it needs to be for a job which is always in demand, so that you would be able to get a job within a week simply by sending a resume to several employers in response to newspaper advertisements. The credential must also instantly prove your ability to do the job. Normally a credential will be a government licence, and will be issued on the basis of having both a qualification and practical experience.

Obviously, your aim is to work in your chosen vocation rather than in the field you have a credential for. So in choosing your credential, you would choose an area that is relevant to your vocation. For example, if your vocation is to be a tycoon, you might get a credential in accountancy or law, since it is essential for a tycoon to know something about these fields.

With many vocations, there is no particular corresponding credential. In that case, a good general purpose credential is as a teacher or a registered nurse. There is obviously a vast number of teachers, and they get quite good pay, better than you would get for doing unskilled work. It is easy enough to include teaching units in your degree so as to qualify as a teacher.

The following qualifications are credentials:

  • teacher’s licence
  • nurse’s registration
  • accountancy society membership
  • law degree and practising certificate
  • medical degree and registration
  • dentistry degree
  • veterinary degree
  • pharmacy degree
  • optometry degree
  • architecture degree
  • civil engineering degree
  • structural engineering degree
  • surveyor’s licence
  • real estate agent’s licence
  • marine engineer’s licence
  • master mariner’s licence
  • aircraft pilot’s licence
  • aircraft engineer’s licence
  • electrician’s licence
  • carpenter’s licence
  • bricklayer’s licence
  • concreter’s licence
  • plumber’s licence
  • welder’s ticket

The following are useful to have, in addition to a credential, but are not credentials themselves, contrary to popular opinion:

  • psychologist’s registration
  • business degree
  • doctorate
  • builder’s licence

Whether you go to university or to technical college (TAFE) depends on your financial position. It is very expensive to go to university, and you need either a fulltime vacation job and preferably a parttime job as well, or parents who will provide you with a generous allowance, preferably by automatic payment to your bank account. If you don’t have these, it would be best to get an initial credential from a technical college (TAFE), and then you will be able to use the credential to get jobs to pay your way through university.

Be aware that there are two kinds of university degree, a “pass” degree and an “honours” degree. The term “pass” degree is misleading, and is like the term “public” school which actually means “private school”. A “pass” degree is in reality a “fail degree”, in that, at the leading universities in the world, a “pass” degree is awarded to people who fail the course. Although they have basically failed, since they know a bit about the subject, they get a “pass” degree as a consolation prize.

A “pass” degree is of limited usefulness as a credential. For example, people with a “pass” degree in science don’t work as scientists, they work as laboratory technicians, or teachers, or pest controllers, or some other non-scientific occupation. If your course has the option of an honours degree, you should get an honours degree, because that indicates you are an expert in the subject and a hard worker.

Say you wanted to become a scientist. The procedure would be to first, study for a degree with honours in your science and in education. Second, work for a year as a probationary secondary school teacher to obtain a teacher’s licence. Third, study for a further three years for a doctorate in your science. The teacher’s licence will greatly improve your chances of obtaining a position as a university lecturer.

It is tempting, halfway through your studies, to think that you know enough to do the job, so there is no point in continuing. While you are undoubtedly able to do the job, nobody else knows that. As far as everyone else is concerned, you haven’t got the magical piece of paper, so you know nothing. You might have passed most of the units, but people will think, if you were any good you would have got them all. If you don’t get the credential, you might as well not bother doing the course.

Once you have the credential, you will find that you have the most amazing luck. Everything will go well for you. No matter what unexpected things happen, you will come out on top. In the old days, people used to hang icons or religious pictures on their walls as insurance against bad luck. Nowadays as well as an icon you need your credential, which serves the same function in protecting you from bad luck.

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Buy a Home

After you have a job, the next thing is to buy a house or flat. You should not rent, even though the cost of paying off a mortgage can be three times as much as it would cost to rent the same place. There are great advantages in owning a house or strata title flat. The money you pay off the mortgage does not disappear, but is stored in the house. If you sell the house, you recover the money.

One advantage of owning a house or flat is that you can easily raise money at short notice. If you get a life threatening illness that needs expensive treatment not covered by medical insurance, you can get a “second mortgage” on the house.

The other main advantage is the improved legal and practical position of being the owner. If you are renting, you can be effectively kicked out at any time, even if you have a fixed term lease. You are entirely at the mercy of the landlord and real estate agent. In practice the landlord or real estate agent might treat you very well if you are polite to them, just as the King of Saudi Arabia only executes his subjects if he gets very cross with them. As a grown man/woman, however, you don’t want to be in the position where you are at peoples’ mercy. It encourages bad luck.

Many real estate agents and landlords have a practice of visiting the property while the tenants are out and going through their belongings, to make sure they are people they approve of, and out of morbid curiosity. The tenancy laws encourage this with a minimal punishment. No landlord or real estate agent has ever been prosecuted for this, or ever will be.

If you are a tenant, the police can in practice search or bug your place without a warrant, which might be a problem if you have commercially sensitive information there. Your competitors might bribe a policeman to search the place for them. If you need the assistance of the police, you will find them much more helpful if you own the property, even if you haven’t paid a cent off the mortgage. Tenants are second-class citizens.

As a property owner, you have legal protection against trespass, burglary and nuisances. In Australia, these laws are inoperative, and the only real protection is to live in an area where these things don’t happen. There is not necessarily any relationship between the price of a property and whether it is in a trouble-free area. Such areas usually have a low proportion of Labor voters. It is a good idea to rent a property in an area before buying so you can make sure the area is trouble-free.

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Have Children

From a biological and cultural perspective, the meaning of life is about ensuring the perpetuation of the species and culture. If someone was hostile towards a particular culture, they would convince members of the culture that having children is not important, so that gradually this culture would disappear. This is what the Labor Party has done to our culture, through the “politically correct” world view that they require to be taught in government schools.

The world in fact is not over-populated. In Sydney there is a higher population density than in many parts of China. The problem in China is not overpopulation but a lack of capital to support the population. The world can accommodate trillions of people. The population growth rate is excessive in third world countries only because they do not have the capital to support the population. In countries like Australia there is adequate capital to support your having any number of children.

People accept that they have certain civic duties. They have a duty to obey the law, vote, and serve on a jury. If the law against murder was abolished, this would not affect your duty to not go around killing people. Similarly, even though there is not a law requiring you to have children, you still have a civic duty to do so. This duty can be discharged, if you are a mainstream Australian, by having at least three children, as soon as you both have got your credentials.

You might think that you are too busy to have children. You might be in the process of becoming a tycoon like Bill Gates. Well, it only takes ten minutes to get a woman pregnant, and surely you can spare ten minutes. Contrary to the “politically correct” view, you don’t need to spend “quality time” with your kids. Your wife can do that, or you can hire servants. All you need do is make sure there are arrangements in place to ensure the kids are being properly looked after.

Women imagine that having children will ruin their lives. This is not the case. Suppose have you five children, which is a good number. This means you are tied up at home for about ten years, from when you first get pregnant until the youngest child starts school. Then you can use your credential to get a job. It won’t matter that you haven’t worked before except for holiday jobs, as employers understand the need to have children.

When you are older, you will realise that ten years is no time at all, and spending ten years at home looking after children is not the worst thing in the world. Naturally in choosing your husband you would make sure that he will have the financial capacity to pay for such things as a dishwasher and reverse cycle air conditioning. Your husband would of course give you an allowance for hiring impoverished students to do the worst of the housework, and to babysit the children while you are out.

Ideally start having children in your twenties. Many people delay having children until they get their life in perfect order. If your life is not in perfect order by the time you are thirty, start having children anyway. In the existing economic circumstances, one-third of the population is not going to have a decent job, and another one-third is not going to have any job at all. But this is no reason not to have children. If you have missed the boat, and not had children while you were in your twenties, then start having children now, or at least adopt children.

After having gone to a government school, it might seem to you to be unimportant whether your children are legitimate or what names you call them. Before the advent of “political correctness”, however, this was seen as very important, and doubtless it will become important again after the demise of “political correctness”. So use condoms to make sure your girlfriend doesn’t get pregnant until after you marry. If she gets pregnant, marry her immediately.

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Start a Business

There are two reasons for starting a business. One is that in many trades and professions, for example, doctors and bricklayers, it is normal to operate as a business and charge fees. The other reason is that the average person can make far more money as a businessman than as an employee. The idea that by starting a business you will be less subject to abuse or being bossed around is a misconception. The way to avoid this is not to start a business but to have a credential.

To start a business, you will need information about business management, and information on markets. You can get the former information by reading books or doing a business management course. Everything you need to know about how to become a billionaire is in a book somewhere. Books on salesmanship and negotiating are especially important. “Salesmanship” is what Mormon missionaries do when they go from door to door, while “negotiating” is what you do when you buy a used car. These are topics often neglected in business courses.

Information about markets is best gained by working in an industry. Often the way that a business gets started is that a manager at a sizable company wants to hire a company to provide a particular service for his employer, but finds that there is no such company, so he decides to set one up. In some industries you will not be able to set up a company unless you have experience in the industry, as otherwise your customers and investors will see you as having no credibility.

Before setting up a business, it is necessary to prepare a business plan. This is an explanation of everything the business is going to do, along with financial forecasts. The preparation of a business plan is a planning exercise similar to drawing the plans for a house. Any shortcomings in an idea will become apparent when it is reduced to writing. Business plans are required by banks and investors to demonstrate that they will get the financial returns that you are promising.

Once a business plan has been prepared, it is necessary to critically evaluate it. One of the criteria is to calculate financial ratios based on your forecasts. It has been found from experience that all successful businesses have similar financial ratios. A request for a loan from a bank will usually be rejected if the financial ratios in the business plan are not in order. In preparing a business plan, you should keep changing the plan until you end up with financial ratios that are ideal.

Another criteria is that the plan is robust, and will work if things go less well than you forecast. For example, if your sales are 20% less than expected, you must still make a profit. The sales forecast must be realistic, in that experience has shown that a company cannot expand its share of the market by more than 3-5% per year, unless it buys another company with an established share of the market.

In working out a business plan, you should make allowance for paying yourself a salary at the going rate for a manager, including overtime. You should do this even if you would be prepared to work at a pay rate below the award. The reason for this is that many different business plans are possible, but you want to select a business plan where you end up making more than you would as an employee. If your business plan does not result in you making heaps of money, then throw it away and come up with one that does.

This is especially important in agriculture. Many farmers end up working for less than $5 an hour. If they attempted to come up with a business plan that gave them the same pay as a farm manager, they would realise that they are growing the wrong sort of produce. At one time a farmer could make a good living producing wool or beef, but nowadays a farmer may have to grow some obscure crop that nobody in the district has heard of.

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Accumulate a Financial Nest Egg

Most people have to work in order to have a reasonable standard of living or even to survive. Ideally, though, you would have so much wealth that you could live well from the profits from your investments. Then you would not need to work unless you wanted to. You also need to make some provision for illness and old age. It is not satisfactory to rely on the government. If you rely on the government, you may end up living for quite a few years in a nursing home, looked after by people who take great pleasure in tormenting you.

There are a number of ways to build a “nest egg”. One is through superannuation, where you or your employer put some of your pay into a superannuation fund. Another is by buying real estate. Another is to buy shares in companies listed on the stock exchange. You should not invest your “nest egg” in your own business, as you want your “nest egg” to be generating money without any risk or effort on your part.

A superannuation fund makes sense in Australia because it is compulsory and because it has a favourable tax treatment compared with shares in companies. Superannuation has the disadvantage that you cannot access it until you are elderly. This limits the amount that is worthwhile to put into it. When you are young and on a lower income, it makes sense only to put the bare minimum amount into superannuation. But when you are on a higher income, you will want to put in considerably more than the minimum possible amount.

Most people have heard how some superannuation funds take unfair advantage of people by charging high fees. Another way they can take unfair advantage of their members is by investing the money in businesses run by friends of the fund’s directors. This is common in the United States. As a general rule, the best kind of superannuation fund is an industry superannuation fund.

When you are young, and don’t have much money in your superannuation fund, it is best to use the same fund as most of the employees at your current employer. Once you get a considerable amount of money in your superannuation fund, it would be good to change your superannuation fund. Before you do this, find out who are the directors of the fund that you are proposing to change to. You might even set up a “self-managed superannuation fund” where you are the director and can choose what real estate or shares to invest in.

The advantage of investing in real estate is that it has a more favourable tax treatment than shares. The disadvantage of real estate is that it needs to be managed. If you have the necessary skills and live in the area, you should manage it yourself, but otherwise get a real estate agent to manage it. You need to guard against the tenants trying to take unfair advantage of you.

When choosing property to invest in, you should consider how close the property is to shops, schools, universities, technical institutes, and other places where people need to travel to. If it is commercial property, you should consider how many people see the site driving past. You should consider whether the building on the site has the potential to be renovated or replaced. You should ask, “Who would want to rent this property”?

Shares are the ideal investment, as they can have the highest returns, and need the least management. To invest in shares, you do not need to be an expert. You only need to be an expert to speculate in shares. Speculating is different from investing, and involves buying underpriced shares and selling them a few weeks later at a profit. Normally you will buy shares and hang onto them for decades. You should not pay any attention to the fluctuation in the price of the shares, but only to the general trend of the price.

To buy shares, you need a share trading account with a major bank. Only the fabulously wealthy can afford to have stockbrokers. You save up say $5000 from your pay, and then buy $5000 worth of shares in a particular company, using the bank’s online share trading system. Then you save up another $5000, and buy $5000 worth of shares in a different company, and so on. Ideally you want your money invested in between 10 and 20 different companies. Any less than 10 companies is too risky, and any more than 20 companies is too many to keep track of.

In choosing companies to invest in, there are a number of things to consider. You want to know what the share price is this year, what it was one year ago, what it was two years ago, and so on for the last ten years. Ideally you want the share price to be constantly increasing over ten years, or at least increasing at a faster rate than that of other companies. You also want to know how good the management is. One indication of this is how you personally are treated by the company. If you are not treated well, then probably nor are other customers, so there must be something seriously wrong. You also want to know that the industry is a good racket to be in and has a bright future.

We recommend eventually having your “share portfolio” in the form of what is called an “offshore trust”. Your share portfolio would not be owned by you personally, but by a foreign company which you would control. The rules of the company would be such that, even if you lost the ownership of the shares in the company, you would still be entitled to the income from the shares. Your company would issue you with foreign credit cards which you would use in Australia for anything you need to buy. It costs several thousand dollars to set up an “offshore trust”, and there are several bankrupt former millionaires who wish they had set one up while they had the chance.

Good countries in which to set up your “offshore trust” are the United States, Switzerland, Russia, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Pakistan. The country should be large and armed to the teeth rather than a small island nation such as the Cayman Islands. It should have a strongly established public support for the sanctity of private property. It should not be a colony of the European Union, as with the Dutch Antilles or Bermuda. Most importantly, the country should not recognise the decisions of the corrupt Australian court system.

The following would be a reasonable plan for the accumulation of a nest egg. You start by buying shares in bundles of $5000. When you have bought $30,000 worth of shares, you sell the shares, and use the money as a deposit to buy a flat. You rent out the flat, and use the income from rent to help with the mortgage payments. At some point, you sell the flat, and use this to put a deposit on a house, where you then live. As well as paying off the mortgage on the house, you resume buying shares. Then you buy another flat, and so on, until you have a house and several flats, and are getting more in income from the flats than from your job.

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Continue Mainstream Customs

The first element of mainstream customs is the weekend. The idea of the weekend is that most pleasant activity is postponed until the weekend, and unpleasant activity takes place during the week. Earning a living, housework, mowing lawns, and studying are supposed to be done during the week, and hobbies, watching sports, reading, surfing the internet, and surfing the waves is done on the weekend.

The richest man in history was John Rockefeller, the founder of the Standard Oil Company. This company made kerosine, which replaced whale oil for cooking and lighting. John Rockefeller would work like a nigger for six days a week, and then take Sunday off. Back in those days, work was considered as something that ideally should be palmed off to the Africans and the working class. On Sunday, John Rockefeller would go to church, and teach Sunday school.

Many people consciously postpone unpleasant activities until the weekend. For them, the weekend becomes the time when all the work is done, and during the week is when they slack off. Many people also consider that ideally you should work seven days a week. If you are thinking of working seven days a week, make sure you schedule the more pleasant work for the weekend.

The second element of mainstream customs is going to church. You do not go to church as a pleasurable activity, but as a cultural activity. In a way, by going to church, you are making a statement that you are not a Buddhist or some other kind of foreign weirdo. You are saying, “I’m a Christian, and screw you!”

Going to church has become all the more unpleasant in recent years because of women priests, guitar music, the congregation hugging each other, and Labor Party propaganda sermons. You should consider asking various friends of your girlfriend / boyfriend and you whether they go to church, whether their church is any good, and could you all go to their church with them.

It is especially important that you take your children to church with you. Otherwise they will not be proper mainstream children. It will affect their desirability as prospective husbands or wives. They will be “damaged goods”, just as if they did not play sport.

If you go to a church regularly, they will expect you to pay your share of the minister’s salary, through a cheque in the collection plate. It is custom for everyone who attends, including children, to put something in the collection plate, whether money or banknotes or cheques. If your contribution is embarrassingly large or small, the church can provide you with special envelopes to put the money in.

Mormons have to contribute a proportion of their income, or tithe. This is actually a form of insurance, and is extremely good value for money. The Mormons are an exemplary Christian church, and notwithstanding their dubious Book of Mormon, you should seriously consider joining them if you can’t find another church to join. Think of the Mormon Church as being like a Russian mail-order bride: less than ideal, but better than nothing. No-one who married a Russian woman and joined the Mormon Church would ever regret it.

The third element of mainstream customs is celebrating the festivals of Christmas, Easter, Guy Fawkes, and birthdays of family members. There is a regrettable increasing tendency of mainstream people not to celebrate these festivals properly. People skip sending Christmas cards, skip putting up a Christmas tree, skip giving presents, skip visiting their relatives, and skip having a proper feast of choice food on Christmas Day.

Arguably having a Christmas tree is even more important than going to church. An artificial Christmas tree made in China is adequate as long as it is at least two metres tall. These can be brought from department stores or much more cheaply on Ebay. The Christmas tree should ideally be put up on the first weekend of December and taken down on the second weekend of January. It should be decorated with baubles, tinsel, coloured lights (turned on 24/7) and an angel on top.

The food to be served on Christmas Day should be prepared the day before, but barbequed steaks or curry and rice can be prepared on Christmas Day. Even if there is just you and your girlfriend / boyfriend going to be there, you should prepare at least the following food: roast beef, roast pork, roast ham, chicken, turkey, duck, prawns, salad, roast potatoes, roast onions, roast carrots, roast pumpkin, roast sweet potato, pavlova, trifle, fruit salad, ice-cream, whipped cream, custard, Christmas pudding, and Christmas cake. The meat should be sliced, so there is no further preparation needed.

The Christmas cake should be iced with one inner layer of yellow almond icing, and one outer layer of white “royal” icing. Also, you need the following beverages at minimum: lemonade, cola, sparkling grape juice, orange juice, sherry, champagne, and beer. You should spend as much on the food as you would normally spend on food in a fortnight. There should be much more food than is necessary for the number of people who are expected. Any food that is left over can be eaten in the following week as leftovers.

Other important feast days are Easter Sunday, Guy Fawkes, and birthdays of you, your spouse, and your kids. Guy Fawkes Night, on 5 November, commemorates the attempt by the Catholic terrorist Guy Fawkes to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London in 1605. Ever since then, by order of an Act of Parliament, Guy Fawkes Night has been celebrated by lighting fireworks and burning effigies of Guy Fawkes.

The Catholics call Guy Fawkes Night “Cracker Night”. They have banned Guy Fawkes Night on the pretext of public safety by making people get permits to light fireworks and to have bonfires. It used to be that on 5 November you could set off fireworks and light bonfires on your quarter acre section without permits.

If you own an acreage, you could celebrate Guy Fawkes Night by arranging permits in advance and by inviting your friends and acqaintances and their children over for fireworks. Otherwise you could perhaps make an effigy of Guy Fawkes, and string it up with a hangman’s noose from a tree in your front yard or in your living room.

An effigy is made by sewing together old clothes and boots and stuffing them with rags or old clothes. It should have a face, either a mask, like those worn by Julian Assange supporters, or made of cloth with eyes, nose etc of cloth of a different colour and sewn on. Then put on a cardboard sign on saying “Guy Fawkes - Traitor”.

Guy Fawkes was the Asama bin Laden or the Adolf Hitler of his day. Guy Fawkes Night was until recently the second most enjoyable day for kids after Christmas Day. This is why we would like to institute a similar feast day on April 20 to be called Adolf Hitler Day. People would light fireworks, and burn an effigy of Hitler. That way, kids would have four really good days a year instead of three.

The fourth element of mainstream customs is familiarizing yourself with the Classical Age. This is the civilization that existed around the Mediterranean from about 800 B.C. to 600 A.D. Our current civilization has only existed for about 200 years. Mainstream culture is considered to be a continuation of Classical culture.

At one time, all boys from wealthy homes would learn the Classical languages, Latin and Greek. Now it may be possible to learn Modern Greek as an optional subject at high school. If you can understand Modern Greek, you can understand Classical Greek. Latin can be studied as an optional subject at university, but only study one paper unless you are planning to be a teacher.

You can also read books about the Classical Age. The most accessible are those of Roger Lancelyn Green. The least accessible is Edward Gibbon’s “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”, which is a bit like reading Shakespeare. In between are the books of John Julian Norwich.

Also you should read translations of books that were actually written during the Classical Age, particular “The Iliad” about the Greek War with the Trojans, and “The Odyssey”, about the aftermath of the Trojan War. These books talk about “slaying warriors” as casually as someone would talk about shearing sheep. The European settlement of Australia was only possible because of English boys being brought up on these bloodthirsty tales and seeing “the big picture” in which people are either the slayers or the slayees.

The fifth element of mainstream culture is the world trip. Important countries to visit in the world trip are Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Italy, France and Britain. The first four are included on the basis of being the location for events in the Classical Age. France is included on the basis that it used to be part of the United Kingdom. Australia used to be part of a country called “The United Kingdom of Great Britain, France and Ireland”.

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Acquire Military Skills

The mainstream Anglo-Saxon people in Australia are at a disadvantage because of their lack of military training. Meanwhile, the Catholic minority have hijacked the police and armed forces and discriminate against mainstream people. Many mainstream people strongly believe there should be compulsory military training. There is nothing however stopping them unofficially acquiring military skills.

Every mainstream person should join a martial arts club and a gun club and learn martial arts and shooting. You should own several guns, and if need be take up hunting wild animals to justify your ownership of a gun. It is also useful to learn to use a shortwave radio, and acquire an amateur radio licence, as this allows you to communicate with anyone in the world without going through a telephone exchange.

Also, if you have a thirty foot or larger yacht, you can enter and leave the country without the government’s knowledge or permission. Other useful military-related hobbies are building robots that fight each other, and building remote-controlled small aircraft similar to those used by the Americans to assassinate people.

You should enrol your kids in a martial arts class and in Boy Scouts / Cubs or Girl Guides / Brownies. Scouts is the best protection possible against youth suicide. No child is too young to learn martial arts. They have special classes for small children. Boys should learn karate and girls should learn judo. Some time ago a nine year old boy was killed by two dingoes on Fraser Island. This would not have happened if he had learnt martial arts or gone to Cubs. Kids who know martial arts have a good time at school and don’t get bullied. You owe it to your kids to give them a good start in life.

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Stay in Good Health

To remain healthy and have a long life it is important to get enough exercise. Experts say the right amount of exercise is to walk 10,000 paces each day. Probably this is excessive and jogging two kilometres is adequate. Common forms of exercise are playing team sports, jogging, and going to gymnasiums. Team sports are all very well while you are at school, but most people give up team sports once they leave school. Jogging is not safe in many parts of Australia, but may be safe in your area. It is good to go for a jog to some distant location and back as soon as you wake up in the morning.

The form of exercise we recommend is to take up at least two of the following sports: Tennis, Golf and Swimming. These sports have a number of advantages over other forms of exercise. They combine exercise with relaxation. They are social activities. There are facilities for these sports all over Australia and the world. And they give you something in common with most other people.

The right diet is also important for good health. Most Australians don’t have a healthy diet. Adults should have three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner), while children and teenagers should have five meals a day (breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, and supper). Failure to heed expert advice leads to many people having a troll-like appearance and being unenergetic.

A balanced diet consists of four types of food: High-Starch foods, Fatty or Sweet foods, High Protein foods and High-Vitamin foods. High-starch foods are things like bread, potato, pumpkin, pasta, corn, rice, breakfast cereal, and banana. Fatty or Sweet foods are things like cheese, butter, sugar, ice cream, whipped cream and sweets. High-Protein foods are things like meat, fish, eggs, milk, nuts, peas and beans. High-Vitamin foods are fruits and vegetables besides those already mentioned.

Many people wrongly imagine that, in a traditional dinner of meat, potato and vegetables, the meat is the active ingredient. In actual fact the potato is the active ingredient, and the meat is there basically as flavouring to make the meal palatable. Where people go wrong in their diet is they reduce the High-Starch foods and increase the High-Protein foods when it should be the other way around.

Many people with a troll-like appearance imagine that this is their natural appearance, and that they are naturally ”big-boned” (i.e. troll-like). In actual fact they are naturally elf-like, and would revert to a elven shape if they would only eat the right food. The following are some tips to revert from being a troll to an elf:

  • Obtain a generous quantity of apples, pears and bananas and use them for snacks in between meals.
  • Stop buying sugar, and instead buy generous quantities of aspartame sweetener.
  • Buy drinks and cordials that contain no sugar or caffeine.
  • Buy orange juice and carrot juice, and mix it in equal parts and drink it.
  • Get stuck into the potato / rice / pumpkin / pasta and cut down on the meat.
  • Have a breakfast of shredded wheat cereal, tinned fruit and milk, as much as you can eat.
  • Stop buying cheese and takeaway foods that contain cheese.
  • Buy milk with reduced fat.
  • Buy margarine instead of butter.
  • Buy olive oil instead of lard.
  • Stop putting salt on food, and eat roast potato instead of fried potato.
  • Obtain a recipe book for low calorie desserts.
  • Obtain gelatine and cocoa powder for making low calorie desserts.
  • Stop buying ice cream and ordinary cream.
  • Buy rice paper, and use it to wrap up salads, so they are less messy, and you are more motivated to eat them.
  • Buy eggs, vegetables and low calorie salad dressing for making salads.

It is essential in Australia for ongoing good health to have health insurance. The only people who don’t need health insurance are millionaires. The poorer you are, the more you need health insurance. Get the maximum coverage, including dental. Health insurance should be paid a year at a time, not by the month.

To reduce your health care costs and avoid getting a nasty or incurable disease, vaccination is important. Vaccination is best regarded as a form of medical treatment where the bugs get killed off before they can cause symptoms. A common misconception about vaccination is the vaccines you were given when you were a kid still work when you are 19 or 20, when in actual fact they will have worn off and you could get polio or diphtheria.

The other common misconception is that vaccination guarantees protection. In fact 30% of people who are vaccinated for influenza are not immune to the disease and can still get influenza. Still, a 70% chance of being immune to a disease is pretty good odds. Some vaccines such as “Twinrix” give immunity in 100% of people.

Here are the vaccinations you need if living in Australia, New Zealand, Western Europe, North America or Japan. They are, in order from most urgent to least urgent: Tetanus, Diphtheria & Whooping Cough / Pertussis (“Boostrix”, one dose every 10 years); Poliomyelitis (“Polio Sabin”, three doses over 2 months, repeat every 10 years); Influenza (“Fluvax”, one dose every year); Pneumococcal Disease (“Pneumovax 23”, one dose every 5 years); Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B (“Twinrix”, three doses over six months, repeat every 20 years); Meningitis (“Mencevax ACWY”, one dose every 3 years); Measles, Mumps & Rubella (“Priorix”, two doses over two months, lasts a lifetime); and Varicella / Chicken Pox (”Varilrix”, two doses over two months, lasts a lifetime).

When you go on your world trip to see the Pyramids, the Acropolis, the Taj Mahal, etc, there are a number of other vaccinations you will need. They are, in order from most urgent to least urgent: Typhoid Fever (“Typherix”, one dose every 3 years); Cholera (“Dukoral”, two doses over one to five weeks, repeat every 3 years); Yellow Fever (“Stamaril”, one dose every 10 years); Japanese Encephalitis (“JE-VAX”, three doses over 30 days, repeat every 3 years); Rabies (“Mérieux Vaccine”, three doses over four weeks, one dose after 1 year, a booster dose every three years, and a further two doses after exposure to Rabies); and Tuberculosis & Leprosy (“B.C.G.”, one dose whenever a blood test shows a low antibody level).

The Australian Medical Association advocates that one oral dose of “Polio Sabin” is enough to protect you against polio for ten years. The manufacturer of the vaccine, on the other hand, recommends three doses over two months. If everyone in Australia has one dose of the vaccine, that will protect a large proportion of the population against polio and will prevent epidemics. But it won’t guarantee that any given person will be properly immunised. The A.M.A. advice is designed to save money for the Australian Government, while the manufacturer’s advice is designed to save you from a very debilitating illness.

It would help to get a booklet to record vaccinations in. This is to keep track of when the next dose is due and to produce to immigration officials when you go overseas. In every Australian capital city there are one or two medical practices which specialise in travel injections. They will sell you a passport size yellow booklet called an International Vaccination Booklet. Then whenever you get a dose, you can get the doctor to write it up.

Make sure that everyone in your household learns C.P.R., so if you have an accident they can save your life. C.P.R. stands for ”Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation”, and includes heart massage and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Courses are provided by the Red Cross, the St John Ambulance Association, and TAFE. Ideally, every household should have an Automatic Defibrillator, preferably one that people can use on themselves.

It is extremely important to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. These spead debilitating illnesses, some of which are unknown to science and are likely to be misdiagnosed as psychiatric conditions. Make sure your cats and dogs are treated for fleas and ticks, more for your benefit than theirs. If there are mosquitoes around your home, either get screens, or keep windows closed at night. If necessary use insect repellent containing DEET.

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Lack of Motivation

It is common to hear students say that they don’t feel motivated. Sometimes students feel very keen to do something, and at other times they don’t want to do things. This leads to them thinking that they should not do an assignment or something unless they feel motivated. As a result, they end up dropping out of university and becoming unemployable.

The view that these students have is based on a misconception. The feeling of being highly motivated has nothing to do with whether you should do something or not. Whether you should do something or not is determined by whether it is in your best interests. For example, it is in your best interests to work on the assignment so that you pass the course.

If you don’t feel motivated to do the assignment, that is to be expected. Like all emotions, the feeling of being highly motivated is very fickle, and is unlikely to be there when you need it. Hence, if you are not feeling highly motivated and enthusiastic, you should fake it, and pretend you are feeling highly motivated. Force yourself to go through the motions of doing the assignment. You will find that your lecturer can’t tell the difference between an assignment that you did enthusiastically, and one you forced yourself to do.

Most desirable human characteristics are like motivation. You can acquire them by pretending to have them. You may not be brave, but you can pretend to be. When it comes to behaviour, appearance is reality. If you appear to be brave, you are brave. If you appear to be motivated, you are motivated. You will also find that if you force yourself to be motivated, or to otherwise behave in a creditable way, it will get to be a habit, and you will be able to do it with less and less effort. Initially it will be a tremendous effort, but after a few years it will be an effortless character trait.

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Gut Feelings

Another common thing that people say is about how they have a “gut feeling” that they should do something. People, for instance, get married because of their “gut feelings”, and end up divorced. There is a widespread belief that peoples’ ”gut feelings” are a sort of compass, and that whatever your “gut feeling” impels you to do is “the right thing”. Hence when murderers are asked, “Why did you do it?” many of them say, “Because of my gut feeling”.

A more technical name for the “gut feeling” is the ”superego”, first identified by Sigmund Freud. The superego is a sort of computer programme running in your brain that examines what is going on, comments on it, and produces an emotional response. A normal person is not aware of the comments, but is aware of the emotional response, for example, a feeling of homesickness. Many mentally ill people can hear the superego as if it was a voice, which is how Freud found out about it.

It is possible for a normal, healthy person to hear the superego by fasting or by taking hallucinagenic drugs, not that you would want to. This is what monks do when they undergo vigils and fasting. They hear a voice, which may announce itself to them as God, or one of the Saints. The founder of the Mormon Church, Joseph Smith, apparently heard a voice telling him that it was acceptable for him to marry as many women as he liked. Catholic priests apparently hear voices telling them that it is acceptable to be homosexual.

Whether the voice that Joseph Smith, or the Catholic priests, heard was God seems doubtful. What is true is that unconscious thought processes take place in the minds of all normal people. These thought processes originate from what your parents, teachers, and other people have said to you. What they have said to you may not however necessarily be right, or you may have taken what they have said out of context.

For example, say you have just moved to another city to go to university. You feel very homesick. Your “gut feeling” tells you that you made a big mistake going where you are, and that you should have stayed at home. Ignore your “gut feeling”. The homesick feeling will go away in no time, and you will feel at home. Never follow your “gut feeling”, unless what it wants you to do co-incides with what you judge to be in your best interests.

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Financial Embarrassment

It is tempting for a student on a low income not to pay bills on time. This is a really bad mistake. Any advantage you get from paying a bill late is offset a thousand times by the blot on your credit history. Having an unblemished credit history is vital to getting ahead in life. Without a good credit history, you can’t buy goods on hire purchase, buy a house, or raise finance to start a business.

Suppose you want to borrow a million dollars. You go to a bank with your business plan. The bank manager has to lend the money to someone, and it might as well be you. He looks at the business plan. It seems logical, and the financial ratios look good. He looks at your employment history. You’ve worked in the industry for ten years, so you appear to know what you’re talking about.

Then he looks at your credit history, not with the credit reference bureau, whose records only go back 5 years, but in the bank’s own records, which go back to 1788. He sees that you still owe Telstra $100 for when you were a student 12 years ago. Uh, oh! The bank manager himself has never been a fulltime student, but studied banking at TAFE at night while working as a teller. He has no sympathy for impoverished students. In his mind, owing Telstra $100 is the same as stealing $100 worth of groceries from the local supermarket. There goes your million dollars. You might as well have a criminal record.

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The human brain has difficulty in distinguishing between different probabilities. Something that has a one in a million chance of happening seems just as likely as something that has a one in ten chance. Because of this inherent fault in the human brain, action movies appear realistic even though the good guy would get killed in real life. This same fault that makes action movies appear realistic also gives rise to problem gambling.

The odds of making money from slot machines, keno or lotto are so low that you would have a better chance of being run over by a bus. Certainly if you had a one in ten chance of winning $19 million from gambling then it would make sense. But the odds are not one in ten, they are one in a million. Also, if God was going to intervene on your behalf and make you win, why would God pick you, and not one of the other punters?

Going to horse races is not to be confused with gambling. People go to horse races for the same reasons they go to football, to see who will win and because of the atmosphere. Even if there was no betting on the horses, people would still go to the races. There is nothing wrong with betting 50 cents on a horse just to make the race interesting. The problem is when people try to make a living out of betting, and gamble more than 1% of their income. The only way to make money from gambling is to own shares in the TAB.

You hear of people who, in the days before television, when people used to play poker to pass the time, put themselves through university by playing poker. That is because they could guess what their opponent was thinking by the expression on their opponent’s face. That is not gambling, and someone who could read people like that would make more money as a salesman than by playing poker.

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Performance Reducing Drugs

Generally people should only take performance enhancing drugs, and should avoid performance reducing drugs. If you are an average sort of person, you need all the performance you can muster, so you can do without performance reducing drugs. If, on the other hand, you are an Einstein type of person, then you are a priceless national asset, and it would be a crime for your brain to be sullied by performance reducing drugs.

An example of performance enhancing drugs are vitamin pills. Most people should take multivitamins, an anti-oxidant, an anti-cholesterol drug, and folic acid. If your diet already includes lots of liver and silverbeet, you probably don’t need multivitamins. Anti-oxidants are naturally occurring chemicals that reduces the risk of cancer. They include beta-carotine, grape seed extract, and olive leaf extract. Beta-carotine can also be taken in the form of carrot juice. Carrot juice mixed with an equal quantity of orange juice tastes like orange juice, and there is no carrot taste.

Anti-cholesterol drugs remove cholesterol from the blood, and hence reduce the risk of heart disease. Examples of anti-cholesterol drugs are cod liver oil and policosanol (sugar cane extract). Aspirin acts somewhat like an anti-cholesterol drug by discouraging blood clotting. One aspirin tablet a day is good enough. Folic acid is a vitamin that prevents Alzheimer’s disease, where the brain essentially disintegrates and the patient becomes a vegetable. Folic acid is also essential for pregnant women and helps to prevent sudden infant death. Folic acid comes as a tablet.

Some people contend that cannabis is a performance enhancing drug. Cannabis is also called dope, marijuana, dagga, grass, and Indian hemp. Hoons say cannabis acts as a pain-killer. In actual fact cannabis is highly addictive, and the apparent beneficial effect comes from reducing the withdrawal symptoms. Cannabis has been shown to cause schizophrenia, memory loss and impotence, making it a performance reducing drug.

The only performance reducing drug that you should consider taking is alcohol, since it is socially acceptable or even obligatory. Since alcohol is a performance reducing drug, you need to try and drink as little as possible, without giving offence. Excessive use of alcohol is hardly a pitfall for Australians these days, as most people know that alcoholics are incapacitated for most of any given day. In arctic or sub-arctic parts of the world, such as Scotland, Scandinavia and Russia, it gets so cold that alcohol acts as a performance enhancing drug.

It is well known that tobacco is a performance reducing drug, and has the effect of reducing your lifespan by about twenty years. On the one hand, medical research is about to increase the lifespan from 70 years to 140 years, and on the other hand, people are reducing their lifespan to 50 years by smoking. It is difficult to give up smoking because of the cravings, as the withdrawal symptoms are called. The cravings can be prevented by using nicotine patches, which are like band-aids. Patches should not be worn when you’re asleep, whatever it may say in the instructions.

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Scruffy Appearance

The good opinion that people have of you is based partly on what you do and say, and partly on your appearance. Peoples’ opinion of you are 20% based on your hairstyle. In the past, this did not cause any difficulties, as people kept the hairstyle that their parents made them wear. Now, parents often have no idea as to what is a suitable hairstyle. Nowadays, many hairdressers do not know what is an appropriate hairstyle or even how to cut an appropriate hairstyle.

When it comes to hairstyles, some things look good, and some things don’t. What people think looks good depends in part on what they are used to. There are certain guidelines. If your hair conforms to these guidelines, you will look reasonable. If your hair does not conform to these guidelines, you will probably not look reasonable. We don't say you must necessarily comply with these guidelines. If you are a fashion guru, you might be able to get away with departing from these guidelines.

Men should wear the hairstyle that is called “short back and sides”. In this hairstyle, the hair is cut so that no strand of hair is longer than 25 millimetres. Not all hairdressers know how to cut this hairstyle. You can tell if a hairdresser knows how to cut this style if the other customers have this style.

It is very important for men to have a part in their hair. A part is a line running from front to back on one side of the head or the other. On one side of the part, the hair is combed to the left, and on the other side it is combed to the right. There is no correct side on which to have the part, but the left side seems to be favoured by the high and mighty.

In the last few years, a hairstyle has arisen that is similar to “short back and sides” but there is no part. The problem with this is it looks weird, and results in a less favourable perception. For example, a proportion of people will question what you say, when they would have accepted what you said without question if you had a part in your hair.

Some men think that having a part in their hair will make them look effeminate. However, many men who are unquestionably masculine have parts in their hair. So, if you appear effeminate, it will not be because of the part. It will be something else.

There are things you can do to avoid appearing effeminate. You can wear a moustache or beard. Beards are more of a Catholic thing, but they can look good, so we will not advise against having a beard. Your clothes can give rise to an effeminate appearance. Avoid wearing jeans or anything that is pink or other light shades of red. In general don't wear anything that would look good on a chick. Don't use effeminate expressions such as “Bye-bye” to other men, but instead say “Hooray” or “Cheerio”.

Men should get their hair cut every three weeks if they can afford it, or every four weeks if they are hard up. You may need to use hair cream to keep your hair neat. At one time, all men wore scented hair cream all the time. Hair cream has a more pronounced subconscious effect on women than pheromones.

Women should allow their hair to grow to at least shoulder length. You should either tie back your hair, or have a part in it. The part should be in the middle of the head, running from front to back. Your hair should be cut so that it does not cover your forehead (pronounced “forrid”). You will probably need clips in your hair to avoid having to comb it all the time. Avoid combing your hair in public, since men find it erotic.

Find a picture in a women’s magazine of someone with the same hair colour as yourself, and whose hairstyle you like. Cut the picture out. Whenever you go to the hairdresser, show the picture to the hairdresser, and say, “This is what I want my hair to look like”. It is a waste of time trying to explain things in words to a hairdresser.

Women who are working in shops or offices should wear cosmetics. If you are wearing cosmetics, put on foundation cream if nothing else. If you are wearing foundation cream, you could consider wearing lipstick. If you are wearing lipstick, you could consider wearing mascara. If you are wearing mascara, you could consider wearing eye shadow. Go easy on the eye shadow, as that is the most common thing that women get wrong.

Having a tattoo is a bad idea. Not too many years ago, wearing tattooes was a way of conveying hostility and sectarian hatred towards mainstream people. It does not make sense to convey hatred towards your own culture. It is like putting graffiti on your house. People with tattooes are often discriminated against.

Women commonly wear tattooes to indicate sexual availability. They could more easily indicate this by their choice of clothes or by allowing men to chat them up. Men commonly have tattooes for a more masculine appearance. It would make more sense to grow a moustache.

For similar reasons, only wear ear-rings if you are a woman. Get your ears pierced by a female doctor who comes from a background such that she would know about ear piercing. It is also a good idea to get a female relative who knows about ear piercing to mark in pen on your ears the spots where the holes are to go.

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Bad Language

People who watch television or movies might be forgiven for thinking that Australians swear a lot. In actual fact, however, about a third of the Australian population are instantly alienated by swearing. They particularly object to references to sex or bodily functions. If they hear you use bad language, they will forever after think of you as not being a “nice” person, and will not co-operate with you in any way. If it is your supervisor, you will go straight to the top of the list of people to be made redundant. If you are trying to buy a house, the owner will refuse your offer and accept the next highest offer instead.

It is not easy to tell who the people are who are offended by swearing. Many of them are very trendy and smoke cannabis. Most of them will deny that they are offended by swearing, as they think this will encourage people to swear more to annoy them. They will probably not swear themselves, but this may be only to avoid falling foul of other people.

Of the people who don’t mind swearing, and will not hold it against you, many of them will see swearing as a sign of sloppiness and lack of self-discipline. They might swear a lot themselves, but they will be less than impressed if you swear a lot. It is a case of “do as I say, not as I do”. Another sizable chunk of the population think that swearing is quite acceptable, and swear all the time. This section of the population is over-represented by the media, hence the impression that foreigners have that Australians swear a lot.

It is very much against mainstream custom to swear. Moreover, if you swear, people will discriminate against you. People are quite justified in discriminating against people who behave in a “politically correct” manner. They are justified in discriminating against homosexuals, and they are justified in discriminating against people who swear. Swearing is not the worst crime in the world, but you should avoid doing it so as not to be discriminated against. Only use bad language when you are alone with your girlfriend or boyfriend and want to get them “turned on”.

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People who like looking at naked pictures of the opposite sex generally agree that pictures are not as good as the real thing. Instead of looking at dirty pictures, it would be better to have sex with your girlfriend. The churches say that sex before marriage (fornication) is a sin, but the Bible also says that media magnates ought to be stoned to death for disseminating sexually explicit material. In the present climate where media magnates go unpunished, there is nothing wrong with sex before marriage.

The problem with anyone possessing pornography is that they are 99% of the way to becoming a wanker. Australian schools teach that masturbation is normal, but in fact this is just Labor Party propaganda. Before the 1960s, it was accepted in Australia that masturbation was deviant behaviour, and most people didn’t do it.

In America it is generally accepted that most people don’t engage in masturbation. In 1994 the Surgeon-General was forced to resign after she said she thought masturbation was normal. Clearly American senators think it is deviant behaviour. The reason they think this is because most Americans don’t do it. Nor do most Australians. The Labor Party gets government schools to teach that it is normal, apparently so that mainstream children will become wankers, and will be at a disadvantage in getting jobs compared with Catholic children.

People who possess pornography are likely to end up wankers. Other people will know that they are through many subtle signs, some of which are permanent and can only be removed by cosmetic surgery. This will ruin their general prospects in life. So if you find yourself attracted to pornography, have sex with your girlfriend instead. Don’t feel as though you and your girlfriend ought to have sex if you don’t want to. On the other hand, don’t refrain from having sex on account of anything the churches might say. Remember, masturbation is a far worse sin than fornication. It’s worse than a sin, it’s a pitfall.

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One of Sigmund Freud’s many invaluable contributions to Western civilisation was to discover the cause of homosexuality. Freud found that babies are born bisexual, then are gradually socialised until they are only attracted to the opposite sex. Babies are also born with a homicidal rage against anyone who crosses them, particularly brothers and sisters, but they are gradually socialised until they love their brothers and sisters.

The cause of homosexuals and serial killers, then, is that the individuals are not properly socialised. Homosexuals, however, like to make out that their condition is caused by genetic factors beyond their control. This is no more the case than with serial killers. Homosexuals are spending huge amounts of money on scientific research to prove their contention. No doubt they will succeed, just as the tobacco industry has succeeded in scientifically proving that there is no link between cigarette smoking and cancer.

Virtually all the cultures of the world, including our own, forbid homosexuality. Traditionally it is punishable by death, and such laws are in effect in many countries. In most of the world’s countries, homosexuality is a serious criminal offence, and offenders are subject to the maximum discrimination. In Western countries, it is still totally unacceptable, although for the time being legal. With homosexuality being encouraged by the Catholic media, the proportion of homosexuals in the population has risen to about 2%.

Given the serious disadvantages of being homosexual, if people had any choice in the matter, they would choose to be heterosexual. Unfortunately people have been taken in by propaganda, and have been given to understand that, just because they might have had a homosexual impulse on one occasion, they must be a homosexual. This is rubbish. It is not having a homosexual impulse that makes someone a homosexual, but engaging in homosexual acts.

People who have homosexual impulses should try to bring these impulses under control. The impulses may be due to not being around the opposite sex enough. Also people with these impulses should avoid going near people of the same sex who they find attractive. Instead, they should get a girlfriend or boyfriend of the opposite sex, who has the physical attributes that they find attractive. Many girls these days look like males, have haircuts like males, and act like males. Such girls would make an ideal girlfriend for a male with homosexual impulses.

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Mental Illness

It is highly unlikely that you will ever become mentally ill. There is a serious risk, however, that you will be diagnosed as mentally ill. This is because the Australian medical profession has arbitrarily determined that 20% of the population have serious mental illnesses. In actual fact the figure is less than 0.1%. This will not however stop the medical profession from diagnosing 20% of the population as mentally ill and giving them drugs they don’t need.

To help avoid this problem, be very careful about who you have as a doctor. Don’t have a doctor who is Catholic or Jewish, which you can usually tell from his appearance or if he, or one of his colleagues, has an Irish, Italian or Vietnamese name. Never talk to doctors about personal or emotional problems, as that is outside their proper field of expertise. If a doctor says, “How are you”, treat this as a pleasantry, not as a question, and say, “Very well thank you, how are you”, even though there must be something wrong for you to be there.

In legal disputes, lawyers of the party with the weakest case will often argue that the other party is mentally ill. The judge will then make an order depriving this party of his civil rights, so that he will lose and the party who is in the wrong will win. This problem can be avoided by having what is called an “Enduring Power of Attorney” and a “Health Directive”.

An “Enduring Power of Attorney” is a document where you appoint someone such as a parent to run your affairs if you are declared mentally ill, go into a coma, get Alzheimer’s Disease, or become a missing person. If a Judge found you were mentally ill, the family member specified in your “Enduring Power of Attorney” would take over the court case, and the other party would still lose. Hence they would have no incentive to argue that you were mentally ill.

Never get an Enduring Power of Attorney or Health Directive made by the Public Trust Office, or appoint them as your attorney. A Public Trust Office, like any Australian government agency, is invariably badly run. The Public Trust Office are not the Swiss private bankers they make themselves out to be. Having them looking after your interests is like living in a Third World orphanage.

Suppose you thought you were mentally ill. In that case, you might possibly benefit from seeing a psychiatrist. Shrinks never keep information about patients confidential, so a patient should use a false name and date of birth, preferably that of the local Labor candidate. A patient should get a referral from a general practitioner who they never see and who won’t recognise them. They should pay both the general practitioner and the psychiatrist in cash, and not claim it back from Medicare and health insurance. They should wear rubber gloves when filling out any forms on their initial visit to the general practitioner and the psychiatrist, so as not to leave fingerprints, and tell the receptionist they have a fungal infection and so have to wear gloves.

If a shrink advises a patient to take a certain drug, it will probably not do any harm to take it. At worst, the drug will make them sick for a few weeks until they get used to it. Contrary to what many people think, psychiatric drugs do not change a person’s outlook on life. If Pauline Hanson was given psychiatric drugs, she would still be against Asian immigration. There is a greater danger from someone not taking a drug they need than from their taking a drug they don’t need. A patient should never have injections of psychiatric drugs, but only tablets. They must always pay the full price and give the chemist the false name. This of course only applies to the 0.1% of people with mental illnesses, and probably not to readers of this page.

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Unsuitable Employer

After getting your credential, you will get a job. You shouldn’t necessarily take the first job that is offered to you, or the one with the highest pay, but the one with the best prospects. What would the prospects be working in an organisation where the managers discriminate against your ethnic group, and where you are judged according to standards that you disagree with?

A great many Australian organisations are controlled by Catholics. Many of these are government departments. How well you do in the organisation will depend on how much of a Catholic you are. Some people call this the “trade union mentality”. If you support traditional values, you will find a Catholic controlled organisation to be a hostile environment. Working for an organisation where people have a “trade union mentality” will be a soul-destroying experience for someone with mainstream values.

If you support traditional values, it would be best to work only for organisations controlled by mainstream people. Since Catholic organisations discriminate against mainstream people, it would make sense for mainstream organisations to discriminate against Catholics to give mainstream people “a fair go”.

The Anti-Discrimination Act prohibits discrimination, but the Catholics don’t obey it, so why should you? Your organisation can only be prosecuted if there is evidence that you are practicing discrimination. So do what the Catholics do and make sure there is no evidence. The Anti-Discrimination Act should be viewed in the same light as the Income Tax Act, that is, as legislation to be circumvented so that it doesn’t apply to yourself.

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Legal Proceedings

Many people assume that if they got into difficulties, they could take legal action, and the courts would give them a fair hearing. This was the case until the 1980s, when the Labor Party took over the legal system and abolished the British system of justice. Now Australia has a legal system similar to Latin America and Indochina. The typical Australian judge is a former hippy protester, who spent his time at university demonstrating against the Vietnam War, who got "C"s in all his law subjects as a result, and who supported communism at a time when that was like belonging to Al Qaeda.

Now that we have a Latin American system of justice in Australia, you need to act accordingly. The first rule is, avoid legal proceedings at all costs by not having anything to do with anyone who might start a dispute with you. In the building industry they have a rule of thumb never to build a house for a school teacher or a lawyer, since they will invariably find fault with your work and sue you. A similar rule of thumb is not to buy from, sell to, work for, employ, or otherwise have anything to do with Catholics. This is not out of prejudice but because Catholic schools educate people so that they are inclined to sue you.

Avoiding people who hate your cultural group will keep you out of 90% of legal disputes. A further 9% of legal disputes involve family members. These can be prevented by having legal documents like a will and a matrimonial property agreement. In the old days, people didn’t need these documents, as the courts presumed that if you didn’t have them, it meant you agreed to certain commonsense terms and conditions. The Labor Party has now changed the terms and conditions that apply if you don’t have documents, so you need to get a lawyer to prepare documents to opt out of the Labor Party arrangements.

Ordinary people need the following legal documents: Last Will and Testament, Enduring Power of Attorney, Health Directive, Matrimonial Property Agreement, Parenting Agreement, and Offshore Trust Deed. For these documents to be legally binding, they need to be drawn up by a solicitor. Otherwise if you end up in court the hippy protester judge will argue that you are one of the 20% of Australians who according to the medical profession are insane, and you lacked the capacity to sign the document. In theory, wills made using a legal will kit are legal, but in practice the hippy protester judge will say you filled it in wrong.

A key purpose of a Last Will and Testament is to ensure that nobody can profit from your death, and that everyone has a strong interest in prolonging your life. It is not unheard of for a spouse to fall out of love and not tell the other person. If the other person dies without a will, the spouse gets the life insurance and other money. Hence the spouse and the spouse’s lover have a strong interest in killing the other person, which could be you. But if you have a will, you can make it so they are worse off if they kill you.

Without a matrimonial property agreement, your spouse might not kill you, but they could help themselves to all your money, a fate worse than death. Fortunately it is possible to opt out of the Labor Party’s matrimonial property arrangements, but you need to do this while you and your spouse or fiancee are on good terms. A big difficulty with drawing up a matrimonial property agreement is that you are in love with the other party, so you are inclined to be overly generous towards them and unduly hard on yourself.

Many disputes in the Family Court are not about money but about children. You can avoid disputes by entering into a “Parenting Agreement” with your spouse for each child as soon as the child is born. A “Parenting Agreement” has to be registered with the Family Court, after which it has the effect of a court order. You need to also get your parents and your spouse’s parents to sign the “Parenting Agreement”. If your parents become difficult about it, you shouldn’t let them see the child until they have signed it.

By having these legal documents and by boycotting Catholics, you can avoid 99% of legal disputes. It is however impossible to avoid legal disputes altogether, as it only takes one person to start a court case. If you are unfortunate enough to become entangled in legal action, there are some simple rules to maximise your chances of success.

First, try to be represented in court by a lawyer. The courts encourage people to represent themselves in various brochures that they put out, but you are more likely to win lotto than win a court case without a lawyer. This is not because law is a difficult subject to understand. It is because of entrenched attitudes in the legal profession that law is rocket science and that any line of argument put forward by a lay person must of necessity be garbage. Lawyers’ insanity is your reality, so don’t even think about bringing or contesting a court case without a lawyer.

Second, always elect trial by jury if possible. Your lawyer may advise you against electing trial by jury, and may say it will cost you more or you will get a more severe penalty. In fact the leading criminal lawyers are of the view that the sentences of those who lose a jury trial are less than those who elect a trial by a magistrate. The most important reason to elect trial by jury is that you don’t want your fate in the hands of the flaky individuals who a Labor Party subcommittee made up of communists and pedophiles sees fit to appoint as Judges.

Trial by jury is possible both in civil cases, such as suing for damages, and for criminal cases. When there is a trial by jury, there is usually a right for a party to object to a would-be member of the jury without giving a reason. If you are a Protestant you would want to make sure there are as few Catholics on the jury as possible, as otherwise they will discriminate against you or decide the case on some basis that has nothing to do with the law.

Lawyers usually don’t tell clients about the right to object to members of the jury, so you should mention it to your lawyer. At the trial you have about 10 seconds to decide whether to object to a person being on the jury. You should object to someone of Irish or ethnic appearance, to a male who has long hair, a beard, ear-rings, cargo shorts, denim jeans or thongs, and to a woman who has short hair, hair dyed an unnatural colour, belly button showing, or rings anywhere besides the ears. You should accept a juror who has Chinese, Malay or Arab appearance, or who wears a headscarf.

Third, if you have a choice between bringing a case in a federal court and bringing the case in a state court, you should choose a state court, as they are less corrupt and have trial by jury. Suppose you lived in Sydney and wanted to sue someone in Melbourne for damages. You could bring the case either in the Federal Court in Sydney or the Supreme Court in Melbourne. Your chances of winning would be much better in the Supreme Court even though it is less convenient in that you would have to travel to Melbourne.

Fourth, don’t confide in your solicitor. Things you tell your solicitor are in practice not confidential, but are only “privileged”. If a judge finds out about them, he is not supposed to take them into account. Say you have hit a burglar over the head with a cricket bat, and been charged with manslaughter. Say you tell the police the burglar tripped over and fell down the stairs. If you tell your solicitor that you hit the burglar with a cricket bat, he will tell the police, and they will tell the judge. Since cases are decided by the whim of the judge, he will find you guilty, or make it apparent to the jury that he believes you to be guilty. Lawyers view themselves as “officers of the court”, that is, they are working for the judge and not for you. It is best to view your lawyer as a sort of ombudsman and treat him as you would treat a detective.

Despite every precaution you may take, in the final analysis your life and property are in the hands of Labor appointed judges. The Labor Party and the Catholics they represent are strongly opposed to the sanctity of private property. Hence owning property in Australia is a bit like owning property in Vietnam. At any time those in power might decide to confiscate your property through a rigged court case. It makes sense not to keep your money in Australia but in a country that supports the sanctity of private property.

For this reason we advocate having a share portfolio in an “offshore trust”. This would be kept in a country where the population and the government and any possible future government strongly believe in the sanctity of private property. Such a country would have a negligible Catholic population, and not have treaties that give effect to judgments of corrupt Australian courts.